Month: December 2011

James Bond Lives

Spying Eyes Are Watching You Now that the Cold War is a distant memory and James Bondmovies just ain?t what they used to be, you

Financial Services Bank on IT

The last few years have presented nothing less than turmoil for the financial services industry. A sour economy, greater regulation, significant changes in business models

Managing Mobile Chaos

While employees relish the anywhere, anytime power of smartphones and tablets, IT executives shudder at the security risks associated with the advent of free-roaming, employee-owned

Secure, Compliant, and Delicious

Restaurant chain Bertucci’s moved proactively to protect its sensitive data and ensure compliance with reporting requirements. Senior IT Director Kevin Quinlan explains how the Northboro,

Fighting Lawsuits in the Digital Era

When a company is hit with litigation, the pressurebecomes intense to collect and understand the potentially relevant,electronically stored information that may support or undermine defense

Modernize Your Hiring Decisions

Talent management is the greatest human resourcechallenge, as organizations make decisions on new hires for the first time innearly four years. Will these jobs be

Talent Wars

With unemployment rates still uncomfortably highacross the nation, there is a misperception that IT talent must be plentiful.However, for many technical skills, the opposite is