The Consumerization of IT Continues

Trend 9: The Consumerization of IT Continues

Weaved throughout our trends is the ongoing influence andpressure being exerted by the expansion of consumer technology?social, mobileand even cloud?into the enterprise. Our data shows that significant numbers ofmidsize and large organizations are beginning to proactively manage and evencourt this movement.

Twenty-eight percent of respondents are increasing theirinvestments in ?bring your own device? systems, in which the use of employee-ownedequipment to access corporate data and applications is allowed and managed,fostering creativity and employee satisfaction. Similar numbers oforganizations are also ?consumerizing? application user interfaces (UIs),allowing self-provisioning, deploying app stores, or otherwise becoming moreuser-centric when it comes to IT.

?The consumerization of IT goes well beyond BYOD and extendsto mobile apps, the cloud and social tools,? says PwC?s Garland. And pressureisn?t coming just from employees, either. Doug Saunders of Republic Services
says, ?Very large customers demand that we communicate with them in aparticular way.? This is helping drive Republic toward the multistream (instantmessaging, video and audio) communications discussed in trend 2.


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