Month: December 2004

Triumphs & Trip-Ups In 2004

The most intriguing-and discouraging- projects and returns on investment in 2004 were separated by the simple motivation of self-interest. It’s in Ameritrade’s self-interest to automate

Commentary: Congrats, Larry

Congratulations, Larry Ellison. You finally got your prize in PeopleSoft. And it only took you 553 days and $10.3 billion. Consider it an early Christmas

December 2004 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Calculating Costs of Hardening Security Systems It takes more than hardware and software to beef up your existing security. Training and internal controls

Paying Less for Passwords

Lost or forgotten passwords account for about 17% of all calls to the help desk, according to a 2004 survey from The Help Desk Institute

Oh, Yeah, the Computers …

Kmart and Sears, Roebuck and Co. announced an $11 billion merger last month, spent an hour extolling the virtues of the deal and mentioned information

Industrial Strength Security?

It was described by a former U.S. Air Force chief as the “most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space,” with devastating results

Avaya: Phone Pedigree

Fans of Avaya say the reliability and sophistication of its call-center products—vestiges of its roots as part of AT&T—make it the one to beat. “Avaya

Genesys: Good Citizen — Usually

One of the best things going for Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, customers say: It’s happy to speak to just about anything else in the call center.

New Ideas for the New Year

You’re finalizing your 2005 technology budget. Your mandate: Grow the business, make a difference and, oh, by the way, cut costs in the process. What