Month: July 2004

P&G-HP Pact: Slow and Steady

Procter & Gamble chose a simple strategy for the first year of its $3 billion technology services outsourcing pact with Hewlett-Packard: Don’t screw it up.

Baseline Tools Library

Baseline’s calculators and assessments will help you understand the key financial and management concepts needed to successfully complete technology projects. Our writers work closely with

Baseline Tools: Worth the Click

Baseline magazine, the leader in the financial analysis of technology systems deployments, is now offering its interactive tools for purchase. These unique calculators and assessments

July 2004 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES Case Dissection Dollar General: 8 Days To Grow PLANNER: Calculating costs of outfitting a retail store. Fill out this spreadsheet to determine what

Canada Firearms: Armed Robbery

On Dec. 6, 1989, Marc Lepine walked into the University of Montreal’s engineering school and fired a semi-automatic military rifle at every woman he saw.

BMC Software: Sweating the Big Stuff

Deploying BMC’s Patrol can be an unexpectedly onerous task, but most customers say it’s worth the hard labor because of the software’s deep—and broad—ability to

The Right Time for Real Time

Waiting in the Delta terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, I stood along with a half-dozen fellow travelers studying the giant plasma

We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us

You are your enemy. The “internal threat” to a company used to be a disgruntled employee. Fire someone with technical knowledge, and watch out. Now