Month: January 2004

By the Numbers: January 2004

The Spending Outlook: Security Gets Priority Information technology professionals say they expect their top priorities for 2004 will be spending on security software and hardware,

AmericaWest: Flight Plan

On Feb. 17, 2000, the America West Airlines flight-planning computer system collapsed. The airline was forced to cancel 128 flights that day and following morning,

Voice of Experience: The Backup Planner

Gary JohnsonCarlson CompaniesArchitectural ConsultantMinneapolis, Manager’s Profile: Backup systems architect for the main data center facility of $6.7 billion travel and hospitality company, whose brands

Quantum: Losing a Step

Better known for tape drive technologies than libraries, Quantum has been eliciting fewer warm fuzzies lately. Financially, its earnings have been hurt by falling tape

Capital Ideas

After three years of reluctance to invest in new technology companies, venture capitalists have begun to emerge from their Sand Hill Road bunkers—and enterprise software

A Fort Knox for Data

An international flight en route to the United States is delayed after a five-year-old passenger’s name matches a name on a terrorism watch list. The

January 2004 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES Case Dissection Connecting Costs Calculating Costs of Mobile Data Centers Figure out the costs of a mobile data center and the associated applications

Triumphs & Trip-Ups In 2003

Regardless of a project’s success or failure, there is usually some slice of the government involved. That’s the common theme in 2003’s triumphs and breakdowns,