Month: January 2004

Snyder’s of Hanover: Twisted Logic

It took Snyder’s of Hanover more than 94 years to become the world’s second-largest pretzel maker. But now the company, a family-owned and -operated firm

How Tape Shapes Up

Tape remains the leader of the backup pack, delivering more bytes for the storage buck than even the lowest-cost disk drives. There’s something about tape

StorageTek: Premium Choice

StorageTek has kept up a healthy lead in the category it invented in 1987 (customers started calling those first automated libraries “tape silos”), and has

Quantum: Losing a Step

Better known for tape drive technologies than libraries, Quantum has been eliciting fewer warm fuzzies lately. Financially, its earnings have been hurt by falling tape

Voice of Experience: The Backup Planner

Gary JohnsonCarlson CompaniesArchitectural ConsultantMinneapolis, Manager’s Profile: Backup systems architect for the main data center facility of $6.7 billion travel and hospitality company, whose brands

AmericaWest: Flight Plan

On Feb. 17, 2000, the America West Airlines flight-planning computer system collapsed. The airline was forced to cancel 128 flights that day and following morning,

By the Numbers: January 2004

The Spending Outlook: Security Gets Priority Information technology professionals say they expect their top priorities for 2004 will be spending on security software and hardware,

Technology Never Fails, But Projects Can

I once taught logic—mathematical logic—to college students. There was a clarity to it that appealed to me. Things made sense. Technology, unfortunately, doesn’t always conform