Month: January 2004

United Nations: On a Mission

The U.N. mission in Sierra Leone has equipment at various sites around the country to support its peacekeeping operation. Here’s a look at some of

Roadblock: Who’s In Charge?

The Obstacle With information-processing and networking equipment converging at a quickening pace, deciding whether a technology should be handled by a computer department or a

Dossier: Proxim Corp.

By any measure, 2003 was a breakout year for many wireless-communications companies. For Proxim, it was a year of trying to put the pieces back

Gotcha! Lightning Strikes

Even for organizations back in the U.S., the environment can be hazardous. In 2000, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union’s data center took a direct hit

UNAMSIL: The Player Roster

Jason MayordomoChief of Information Technology for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO); Communications and Information Technology Director for Mission to Sierra LeoneMayordomo—a Filipino originally educated

UNAMSIL: Base Case

Headquarters: Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown, Sierra LeoneMission: The U.N. helped bring an end to this West African nation’s civil war in 2002, and U.N. personnel