Month: April 2003

Delta CEO Apologizes for Pay

Delta Air Lines CEO Leo Mullin apologized on Friday for his insensitivity to concerns about his pay package in light of the economic pressures on

How Jack Daniel’s Eases Bottlenecks

The Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, is a theme park wrapped around a production plant. The studiously rustic visitors center houses a small museum

Amid Delisting Warning, i2 CEO Upbeat

DALLAS, Texas – Supply chain “improvement company” i2 Technologies has a “huge opportunity to be a $1 billion company,” its chairman and chief executive officer

Death by a Thousand Costs

Conventional large airlines like Delta, American and United fly fleets of airplanes into “hub” airports, where baggage and passengers are transferred to connecting planes to

Taxed to the Max

In 1998, Congress gave the Internal Revenue Service 10 years to overhaul its information systems and reduce the $4.2 billion the government spends each year

Tibco: Riding the Bus

TIBCO 3303 Hillview Ave.Palo Alto, CA 94304(650) TICKER: TIBXEXCHANGE: NASDAQ EMPLOYEES: 1,000 Vivek Y. RanadivéChairman, President, CEOFounded the company in 1985. His book, “The

Online Extras: April 2003

Case Dissection (p. 42-60) Performance Test (p.46) Rating Airline Web Sites Southwest led the pack in this exclusive performance study, conducted for Baseline by Web-monitoring