Month: December 2002

AMR Research: Earning Respect

Steve Hammond, vice president of information services at Plasti-Line, views AMR Research as an important ally in achieving his company’s business goals. When Hammond undertakes

Prada: The Science Of Desire

When you’re selling a $500 scarf, the scarf is the last thing you sell. First, you persuade the customer your products are worth that kind

Hershey’s Sweet Victory

Was it a fluke? In September, Hershey Foods said it had completed an upgrade to—on schedule and below budget. It was a significant turnaround

What You Can Do for Your Country

A Marine friend once gave me a copy of “Murphy’s Laws of Combat.” Three laws were underlined: “The important things are always simple. The simple

How to Judge Wireless Success

Clearly, Prada focused on coolness, not return on investment, when planning its Epicenter store in Soho. As a result, it may have achieved only 20%