Month: March 2002

Sun Makes New Play for Developers

SAN FRANCISCO—Even as Microsoft pulls out the stops to convince corporate developers that Java is passé, Sun Microsystems has been working behind the scenes to

Siebel: The Undisputed Leader

There are reasons Siebel is the leader in customer relationship management software. Its products are technically sound and its interface is top-notch. It’s setting the

SAP: Technical Virtuoso

SAP is a relentless $6.4 billion seller of complex software to large corporations. If customers find any fault with the company, it’s that SAP doesn’t

The Bottom Line Per … Don Sunderland

Don Sunderland arrived in 1999 as chief information officer of Edison Schools, a for-profit company that runs 136 public elementary and secondary schools from Chula

A Cheat Sheet for CRM Success

“People are going into CRM and failing left and right,” says Mark Sklenar, VP and CIO at Underwriters Laboratories, the product safety and testing organization.

How JetBlue Makes Microsoft Fly

Jeff Cohen dogs Microsoft. He calls, he visits, he lobbies his way into every early adopter program he can find that will help JetBlue Airways