Month: February 2002

Good Data Is Profitable Data

The antitrust trial of Microsoft served a couple of years ago as a warning to corporate information-meisters that you can have too much e-mail hanging

NEHEN’s Founders in Profile

John Halamka, MDCIO, CareGroup; Chairman, New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN)Role: Halamka was one of the conceivers and founding members of NEHEN. He is an

NEHEN Base Case

Organization: New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN) Headquarters: Waltham, Mass. Phone: (781) 890-7446 Business: Cooperative electronic medical records network involving health care providers and payers

Health Care’s Napkin Network

INTERACTIVE TOOL Cost out a data exchange network (Excel)A time line for implementation (Microsoft Project 98 file).PDF download of both  Although security was the official

A Reverse Spin on Supply Chain

Big V Supermarkets is taking a lesson from the hotel and airline industries: Use price to determine demand. This is the flip side of supply

A Dozen Smart Metrics, To Go

The claim that information technology’s benefits are real but not measurable is faint and, in this economic climate, dangerous praise. Luckily, it’s also no longer