Month: February 2002

Microsoft CRM Gets Early Debut

Microsoft on Tuesday plunged into a new software pond—and laid the rumors to rest—when it officially announced plans to field a customer relationship management suite.

Microsoft CRM: A Sneak Peek

Outside of the few hundred developers at Microsoft who have seen prototypes of Microsoft’s forthcoming MSCRM customer relationship management suite, relatively few have seen what

Readers Respond to Kmart Woes

Baseline’s coverage of Kmart’s supply chain debacle provoked a welter of letters from readers eager to comment on the discount retailer’s slide into Chapter 11

Lotus in Never Land

Have IBM and Lotus execs inhaled too much pixie dust? Late in January, Big Blue staged its annual Lotusphere conference at Walt Disney World for

Microsoft Marches into CRM

When Microsoft unveils its plans and strategy for its MSCRM customer relationship management software offering next month, the software giant will have a lot of

.NET vs. Java: Rhetoric to ROI?

Is the battle over Web-services development platforms finally poised to move beyond rhetoric and deliver real return on investment? With Microsoft’s official unveiling Feb. 13

How NEHEN Hangs Together

Click here for PDF schematic of NEHEN’s network The founders of the New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN) quickly realized that the prospect of overhauling

NEHEN Base Case

Organization: New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN) Headquarters: Waltham, Mass. Phone: (781) 890-7446 Business: Cooperative electronic medical records network involving health care providers and payers