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Social Tools Give Red Robin a Competitive Edge

2 weeks ago | by Samuel Greengard

The restaurant chain deploys social business tools and internal collaboration to support its digital transformation and serve its customers faster and better. Read More



  • 12 Little-Known Facts About Twitter
    If you spend any amount of time paring your thoughts down to 140 characters (or fewer), then you must be a member of Twitter Nation. And you're in good company, as an overwhelming number of global businesses, celebrities, athletes, charities and...
  • Facebook's 10th Anniversary Quiz
    Not every 10-year-old company is worth $100 billion (give or take $10 billion). But, then again, Facebook isn't your typical 10-year-old business. Now celebrating its first decade in business, the dominant social media site commands more than $7.8...
  • 15 Fascinating Facts About Google
    By now, much of Google's story has become the stuff of legend—starting with its name: The Mountain View, Calif.-based company's name is an accident, a misspelling of the word "googol," which is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100...
  • Out of Touch, Out of Time
    You can make smartphones, smart cars, smart watches, smart glasses, smart appliances and smart clothing, but you're stuck with the limitations of the human mind.
  • Tech Offers New Capabilities for Racing Events
    The New York Road Runners club and TCS are exploring ways to expand the use of social tools and mobility, including mobile apps, to help runners and spectators.
  • Employees Tune Out Ineffective Presentations
    Surely by now, you've suffered a fate informally known as "death by presentation." Here are the symptoms: You're attending a mandatory session. The speaker drones on while he clicks an endless number of bland slides. You attempt to surreptitiously...
  • Ten Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile
    While Twitter has gained momentum, LinkedIn remains the dominant social networking tool for professionals. It commands more than 259 million members in an estimated 200 nations and territories. Through an endless number of industry-themed discussion...
  • Social Media Helps Build Bridges to Customers
    JetBlue and the UN Foundation are just two of the organizations that use social media tools to engage their customers in personal, creative and holistic ways.
  • Adopt an Innovative Approach to Innovation
    If you really want to take business and technology innovation to the next level, it's critical to think in an innovative way about how to make innovation happen.
  • Social Media Gives Companies Positive ROI
    Innovative companies are flocking to social media as if it were some kind of superpower. Unlike a comic book hero, however, social media provides very real benefits. Many U.S. companies are getting tangible, positive ROI from their social media...

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