Technology Spoofs, Parodies and Fun with YouTube

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2007-12-12
As the holidays approach and another year of stressful projects lingers on, Baseline is loosening our editorial collar to help you unwind a little. We have put together the best technology spoofs, IT parodies and gadget nonsense from YouTube that we could find. You don't have to believe us, but there have been scientific studies of the health benefits of laughter. Let the cackles flow. You deserve it.

We begin with Help Me Get A G5 (click the play button below).

The "About This Video" section of YouTube sums up this gem as: "Dude asks for $5000. Internet responds. Dude rewards by blowing up his computer."

Oh, the joys of pointless hardware violence on a gorgeous Apple product.

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So, product destruction of one Apple product begets destruction of more Apple products. Picking up from Dan Akryod's classic "Bass-O-Matic" faux-mercial from circa 1970's Saturday Night Live, here's the puréed comedic brilliance of Will It Blend?.

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's Surface">

While Apple gets a heavy load of mockery online, the company-that-Bill-Gates-built is another heavy video target. In this one, Microsoft's interactive table, Surface, feels the wrath of undermining sarcasm.

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Yo, here, Microsoft and Apple battle in a hip-hop street fight of lyrics courtesy of

NEXT PAGE: The Vegetable Oil PC

Here, the do-it-yourself computer movement over at has some fun showing you how to run a pc using the common household frying liquid vegetable oil.

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Your Server">
Staying with the hardware beat, Scalent Systems has some destructive fun with video by producing this April Fool's Day-inspired piece 10 Ways to Kill Your Server.

NEXT PAGE: Nintendo Wii Safety Video

Remember all those reports about people getting hurt from playing Nintendo's Wii? Well, here's a video from the folks at G4 TV that will protect you and your loved ones from the physical dangers of the Wii.

NEXT PAGE: Here Comes Another Bubble

Set to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," online marketing company Rock Island Group tries to drum up some buzz by having fun with the idea of another looming technology bubble. Check out Here Comes Another Tech Bubble.

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What if Microsoft had created the iPod? Wait, they didn't?

NEXT PAGE: MIT's Assist Sketch System

's Assist Sketch System">
So this is not a parody or spoof at all; This is actually a very interesting piece of design technology. It's not clear when this video is from, but it certainly caught our eye.

From the "About This Video" section on YouTube: "This program is from MIT and it's called 'Assist Sketch Understanding System and Operation.' You can't buy it or download it. This is a program that uses physics to allow you to draw objects and have them interact with each other. It's hard to explain. You need to see it to understand."