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Companies Struggle to Deal With Zero-Day Attacks

2 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

The daily drumbeat of breaches and cyber-security attacks has become overwhelming for business and IT leaders. Yet, despite all the news and information about attack methods and protection... Read More



  • OKOrder Says 'Yes' to Sophisticated E-Commerce
    A leading e-commerce company in China turns to a more sophisticated technology platform to ratchet up its e-commerce and analytics capabilities.
  • Employees Rate the Top Ten Tech Company CEOs
    It takes a special breed of person to succeed as a tech company CEO. They must stay on top of the dizzying pace of technology change, while constantly making a solid business case for innovation. They need to lead a workforce of intelligent,...
  • Malicious Macros Continue to Cause Damage
    Although the methods used for malicious attacks constantly change and those in the crosshairs must continually adapt to new and changing tactics, some old and often forgotten approaches continue to do damage. One of these threats is the malicious...
  • Why Should Business Care About Quantum Computing?
    Quantum computing, an alternative to classical computing, will eventually help solve problems that cannot be solved today due to limitations in computing power.
  • Self-Driving Cars: Flawless Ride or 'Carmageddon'?
    Innovations in technology that make autonomous cars possible also deliver advances in driving safety and comfort features that we can take advantage of today.
  • Barriers to Windows 10 Will Delay Some Deployments
    When it comes to Windows 10, anticipation abounds: Microsoft reports that this version of its operating system will directly align with today's cloud- and mobile-driven world. Plus, it will be Internet of things (IoT) friendly, while accommodating...
  • Why Texting Is Becoming a Key Business Tool
    The use of texting as a go-to business communications tool continues to grow, according to a recent survey from RingCentral. The majority of business professionals surveyed said they send at least 20 texts a day, and a notable share send 60 or more....
  • Information Governance Is Key to Big Data's Value
    Many companies don't benefit from big data because of the gap between those who manage the data and those who apply it. The solution is information governance.
  • IT Professionals Are Less Stressed
    You may or may not be aware of "Geek Pride Day," which is celebrated every year on May 25th to commemorate (appropriately enough) the release of Star Wars in 1977. As part of the tradition, TEKsystems has released its third annual "IT Stress and...
  • Employees Are More Satisfied and Motivated
    U.S. worker satisfaction and motivation have increased in recent years, according to research from the American Psychological Association (APA). The resulting "2015 Work and Well-Being Survey" report addresses employee sentiment trends on a wide...

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