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IT Demand Will Fuel Hot U.S. Job Market in 2016

4 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

A high demand for IT professionals will drive continued staffing expansions at U.S. companies this year, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Seeking to land the best available talent,... Read More



  • How Digital Partnerships Drive Business Success
    The digital partnership has emerged as the business model of the present—and future—as the majority of global executive leaders believe their organization will need to forge relationships with other companies to maximize the value of...
  • Cyber-Attacks Increase Significantly
    The rapid growth of cyber-crime and the resulting risks are frightening to both businesses and consumers. It's increasingly difficult to evade the problem. A new report from security firm ThreatMetrix, "Cybercrime Report 2015," illustrates just how...
  • Why IT Pros Give Tech Transformation a Weak Grade
    Few front-line technology workers give their companies high marks for adapting to new, transformative tech, according to a recent survey from Business Performance Innovation (BPI) and Dimension Data. The resulting report, "Bringing Dexterity to IT...
  • The Nine Hottest Tech Jobs
    You probably know that talented IT professionals are in great demand, but you may not know which tech jobs are the hottest of the hot. Look no further than this list of the top nine IT jobs, which was compiled from recent research published by...
  • Why Companies Struggle With Corporate Culture
    While the vast majority of CEOs and CFOs feel that corporate culture is important to their organization, a stunningly low percentage think that their culture is right where it should be, according to a recent survey conducted by Columbia Business...
  • New York City Credit Union Banks on Encryption
    To offer secure customer communications, the Melrose Credit Union deployed encryption services that include file transfers and integrate with existing workflows.
  • Another Tech Wish List
    Technology vendors have made a lot of progress this year, but there are still a number of issues that need to be resolved. So, here's my holiday wish list.
  • Top Tech Gifts for the Holiday Stocking
    "All I want for Christmas is …a light saber?"  Yes, actually, many American adults admit that they'd like to see the iconic Star Wars creation under the tree this season—not to mention other franchise goodies, like a hover bike,...
  • How Generational Workforce Shifts Will Impact IT
    With younger employees increasingly dominating the workplace, IT departments will be under more pressure to deliver better tech tools and support, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The accompanying report, "Managing the Multigenerational...
  • Using Data for Good Is Good for Business
    Can doing good be good for business? Bloomberg, the financial data company, measures a firm's sustainability in terms of its social and environmental impact.

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