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Hybrid Cloud Integration: An Opportunity for IT

2 hours ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Organizations are increasingly moving toward hybrid cloud integration models, according to a recent survey from Technology Business Research (TBR). As a result, the hybrid cloud represents a... Read More



  • Why the Hiring Process Isn't Working
    With numerous studies indicating that IT hiring is on the rise, it's more critical than ever for companies to get better at finding the best candidates for their job openings. Unfortunately, recent survey data accumulated by the ADP Research...
  • Guidelines for Responding to Data Breaches
    These practical suggestions will prepare your organization to respond quickly and effectively to what experts consider nearly inevitable: a data breach.
  • Best Practices for Leading an 'A Team'
    You don't have to be the smartest person in the room to become an effective team leader. But you do need to know how to bring out the best in all the individuals on your team, so the resulting "whole" brings greater value to your organization than...
  • Are We Facing the End of Business?
    The laws of supply and demand do not track in today's digital environment. Increasingly, there is a nearly unlimited supply with no relationship to demand.
  • Miami Marlins Score a Hit With Cloud-Based Storage
    A major league baseball club turns to cloud-based storage to manage and share huge video files. It improved performance, lowered costs and reduced demands on IT.
  • Best Practices to Maximize the Internet of Things
    When it comes to the Internet of things (IoT), think big. As in really, really big. As in a staggering number of online machines and devices—including those installed for network-enabled cars, shoes, washing machines, pets and virtually...
  • More IT Pros Stand Firm During Salary Negotiations
    While hiring plans for IT workers are in a slight decline, tech professionals are increasingly leveraging the existing demand for their skills to obtain better compensation packages, according to a recent survey from Findings also show...
  • Why Business Meetings Waste So Much Time
    In today's business environment, we've pretty much killed the concept of a regular 9-to-5 workday and have debunked the perception that you can be productive only when you're in the office. And the once-ubiquitous position of secretary is now a...
  • We're Paying for a Lack of Security
    When nearly two-thirds of the public is back to using cash for purchases—even temporarily—something is incredibly wrong with our security systems and processes.
  • Ten Steps to Building a Winning Mobile Strategy
    IT organizations can prove their value by leading their company to a comprehensive and budget-benefiting mobile strategy. For guidance, consider the following 10 step-by-step best mobility practices from FeedHenry, which provides cloud-based mobile...

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