Companies Don't Meet Employee Job Expectations

Companies Don't Meet Employee Job Expectations

Companies Don't Meet Employee Job Expectations

Bait and Switch  61% of employees say they've found aspects of a new job different from expectations established during the interview.

Did you ever feel like you were sold a bill of goods during a job interview when, after joining the company, you discovered that reality didn't remotely resemble expectations? It's a common scenario, and, unfortunately, organizations and managers will often fall short of what employees anticipate. In a recent survey from Glassdoor, workers shared their experiences, saying they've been caught off-guard when it comes to actual workload, compensation, office morale and even the personality of their boss. What can workers do about this reality gap? Glassdoor suggests that job candidates take advantage of social media to get the real scoop about the companies they are interviewing with, and to spend some time with current employees at those organizations to get their candid thoughts. In other words: Do your homework. "It's the responsibility of job seekers to know what they want in their next career move," says Amanda Lachapelle, HR director at Glassdoor, "and to seek out the information they need so they have a realistic idea about what to expect." More than 2,050 U.S. workers took part in the research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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