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How a Lack of Agility Can Derail Business Success

1 day ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Is the adoption of agile practices strictly "an IT thing" for companies? A recent survey from CA Technologies reveals that this is indeed the case in many enterprises. The resulting report, "The... Read More



  • Employees: Your Best Defense Against Cyber-Attacks
    Storytelling is an effective way to engage people, and, in a world where content is king, it can help reinforce your cyber-resilience campaign.
  • How Digital Leaders Distinguish Themselves
    For many organizations, the digital transformation has become an enterprise-wide effort—as much a key business enabler as a technology initiative, according to a recent survey from SAP. The resulting "SAP Digital Transformation Executive...
  • Companies Must Deal With Mobile App Headaches
    Mobile technology is fundamentally changing the way business is conducted, and mobile apps are increasingly important to employees. In fact, many workers are requesting or suggesting apps for their specific roles and departments. "The App Dilemma:...
  • How Automation Can Boost Employee Performance
    The majority of professionals and business leaders feel that parts of their job could be automated—a move that would significantly reduce the burden of mundane tasks that don't address core role functions, according to a recent survey from...
  • Companies Need to Develop a Data Science Strategy
    Once business leaders understand how data science can make a difference, an enterprise can formulate a plan for putting data science methodologies to work.
  • Weak Commitment to Mobile Hurts Business, Workers
    While the vast majority of professionals think their mobile work devices and apps serve a critical business purpose, few believe that their organization adequately supports mobility, according to a recent survey from SOTI. The resulting...
  • Digital Performance Issues Impede Transformation
    A majority of both IT and business professionals lack confidence in their ability to resolve digital performance issues, according to a recent survey from Dynatrace. The resulting report, "The Global Digital Performance and Transformation Audit,"...
  • The Widening IT Skills Gap Worries Management
    The vast majority of business and technology executives are concerned about the IT skills gap, and many reported that an overall talent gap is growing, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The resulting report, "Assessing the IT Skills Gap,"...
  • Business Braces for More Ransomware Assaults
    Cyber-security teams need to brace themselves for more action: Ransomware attacks are likely to increase during the second half of this year, according to a recent survey conducted by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), a...
  • Most Companies Deploy Clouds but Concerns Persist
    Almost all IT leaders view the shift from on-premises computing to cloud computing as a positive trend that is likely to accelerate in the coming years. But the growth and sprawl—having multiple departments deploy disparate hosted...

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