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Books That Can Enhance Your Career Prospects

24 hours ago | by Dennis McCafferty

Have you ever considered whether it's more important to be smart or resourceful? Do you wonder why some people--and teams--constantly make the same mistakes? Are you challenged daily to deal with... Read More



  • Design Firm Scales Up Its Storage Infrastructure
    The Mill implements a sophisticated storage approach to better manage the huge quantity of data it produces and to enhance availability and performance.
  • Systems Admins Face Mounting Frustrations
    Memo to all you IT users out there: Please give your systems administrators a break. Many IT admins feel overworked and underappreciated, according to a recent survey from Ipswitch. That's not surprising, especially when findings reveal that...
  • Top Qualities of High-Performing Employees
    Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be one of your company's top-performers? Then consider the following checklist of must-have qualities of indispensable professionals, so you can perform a self-assessment. Sure, opinions will...
  • Workplace Demands Increase and Morale Sinks
    Increasing workloads and the ubiquitous presence of technology at work and home are combining to put more pressure on employees to remain always available, according to a recent survey from Randstad U.S. Many workers feel that they have to remain...
  • The World's Critical Infrastructure Is at Risk
    It's no surprise to business and IT leaders that cyber-security risks have reached alarming levels, but a recent report from Unisys and the Ponemon Institute has unveiled some shocking research about the state of cyber-security in critical...
  • Software-Defined Everything Offers Business Value
    One of the fast-growing trends in IT today is software-defined everything, technology that presents some compelling potential benefits for organizations.
  • Next-Gen Analytics Helps Spur Business Success
    Analytics combines data and data sources in new ways to help firms understand relationships that can determine whether they soar or stumble into the digital age.
  • Qualified IT Pros Have an Edge in the Job Market
    During the recent recession, many technology professionals sought numerous job interviews out of desperation, due to a recent layoff. Today, an improving economy is reversing the situation, and many employed IT workers are landing multiple...
  • The Biggest Problems Facing IT Project Teams
    There are many ways for information technology initiatives to go wrong—and they do so all the time. In fact, approximately one-half of businesses will have an IT project fail within a year, according to research. In summarizing the most common...
  • Qualities and Achievements of Agile Companies
    More than ever, IT professionals are helping their organizations increase agility. For example, they are deploying advanced technology tools to better anticipate business changes and overhaul outdated processes. Beyond that, agile companies are...

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