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How Software-Defined Networking Benefits Business

3 days ago | by Dennis McCafferty

A significant number of businesses are deploying software-defined networking (SDN), or plan to do so within the next 12 months, according to a recent survey from QuinStreet Enterprise. In the... Read More



  • Why Are Companies' IT Transformations Lagging?
    The challenges of migrating to a digital business and IT framework are daunting. Today's fast-moving environment requires new information technology systems, different thinking and entirely new skills. A recently released report from Dimension Data...
  • The Top 9 Tech Trends for 2016
    Collectively, they represent the innovations that have the greatest potential to make a profound impact on enterprises—and society—for this year and beyond. They are the "Top Nine Technology Trends for 2016," presented annually by the...
  • How to Unlock the Value From Big Data
    Enterprises that deploy analytics to obtain deep insights boost the odds for success, but ones that stumble may find their organization reeling or even failing.
  • How to Budget for the Care and Feeding of Apps
    As the demand for more IT-enabled capabilities increases and the expectation that IT will become more of a strategic partner to the business grows along with it, organizations will face more critical decisions than ever when it comes to accounting...
  • Why Some IT Leaders Worry About the Future
    While overall sentiments remain high, tech leaders are slightly less optimistic than they were a year ago about a number of critical factors that will impact their IT organizations in 2016, according to the most recent "year ahead" survey forecast...
  • Beyond Hybrid: The Intelligent Business Cloud
    An intelligent business cloud is focused on business outcomes and on connecting all the capabilities a company needs to become a digital business.
  • Is Software Licensing at a Breaking Point?
    It's no secret that software licensing has become a giant thorn in the side of both IT departments and the business in general. Not only is today's licensing environment incredibly complex and becoming tougher, it's also undergoing radical change....
  • Why IT Pros Give Tech Transformation a Weak Grade
    Few front-line technology workers give their companies high marks for adapting to new, transformative tech, according to a recent survey from Business Performance Innovation (BPI) and Dimension Data. The resulting report, "Bringing Dexterity to IT...
  • A New IT Service Model Takes Flight at Qantas
    Australia's largest airline turned to a private cloud-based integrated IT service to deliver an agile and flexible ERP platform with a single point of contact.
  • The Growing Demand for Software-Defined Everything
    As companies look for cost-effective and agile ways to deliver IT services, they are deploying software-defined data centers, networking, security and storage.  

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