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Next-Gen Analytics Helps Spur Business Success

21 hours ago | by Samuel Greengard

Analytics combines data and data sources in new ways to help firms understand relationships that can determine whether they soar or stumble into the digital age. Read More



  • Sharing Log-In Details Presents a Security Threat
    It seems that far too many information workers still don't fully understand the importance of keeping their log-in details confidential. In a recent study of 2,000 white-collar employees in the United States and the United Kingdom, security software...
  • Data Visualization: Getting Value From Information
    Data visualization technologies communicate large amounts of data in ways that are easier for business groups to understand, so insights can be quickly gained.
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration: An Opportunity for IT
    Organizations are increasingly moving toward hybrid cloud integration models, according to a recent survey from Technology Business Research (TBR). As a result, the hybrid cloud represents a potential $7 billion hybrid integration market this year,...
  • The Importance of Being Agile
    Agile development is about loosening controls, operating in a more iterative way, and constantly adapting, adjusting and pivoting based on changes in the market.
  • Enterprise Software Becomes the Top IT Market
    Demand for enterprise software is soaring, according to the latest research from Gartner. The worldwide IT spending growth forecast remains reasonably healthy at 2.1 percent ($3.7 trillion) for the year, findings reveal. That's down from prior...
  • IT Departments Feel the Heat on Mobile Initiatives
    Both employees and senior managers feel strongly that IT departments must help them increase existing mobile technology capabilities, according to a recent survey from Aruba Networks. Providing support and resources for an all-wireless workplace...
  • Why the Hiring Process Isn't Working
    With numerous studies indicating that IT hiring is on the rise, it's more critical than ever for companies to get better at finding the best candidates for their job openings. Unfortunately, recent survey data accumulated by the ADP Research...
  • Union Bank Puts Its Money on DevOps
    One of the nation's leading financial institutions turns to a DevOps approach to speed development and improve results, enabling it to run IT as a business.
  • Guidelines for Responding to Data Breaches
    These practical suggestions will prepare your organization to respond quickly and effectively to what experts consider nearly inevitable: a data breach.
  • Best Practices for Leading an 'A Team'
    You don't have to be the smartest person in the room to become an effective team leader. But you do need to know how to bring out the best in all the individuals on your team, so the resulting "whole" brings greater value to your organization than...

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