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Are C-Level Execs Disparaging CISOs?

4 days ago | by Tony Kontzer

It wasn't that long ago that the CIO's place in the C-suite was questioned, and the role was marginalized by other executives who felt CIOs should just focus on software and hardware. Well, that... Read More



  • Executives Predict Cloud-Enabled Transformation
    The majority of U.S. companies recognize that the cloud will play an essential role in innovation in the very near future. Yet, most enterprises don't have a clear cloud migration plan in place, according to a recent survey conducted by Oxford...
  • Ten IT Certifications That Lead to Big Paychecks
    Remember when making six figures seemed like an elite level of compensation? These days, this milestone is obtainable for many technology professionals who have the right certifications, according to a survey from Global Knowledge and Penton. In the...
  • Books That Can Enhance Your Career Prospects
    Have you ever considered whether it's more important to be smart or resourceful? Do you wonder why some people--and teams--constantly make the same mistakes? Are you challenged daily to deal with endless project demands that always seem to require...
  • Internet of Things Is Overwhelming IT Networks
    By 2020, the Internet of things (IoT) is expected to interconnect 26 billion computing devices in businesses, homes, cars, clothes, animals and pretty much everything else, according to Gartner. That's a thirtyfold increase over the past five years....
  • Top Qualities of World-Class IT Organizations
    Do you think your IT organization has the right to be ranked "world class"? If so, that rating should be reflected in metrics such as the number of IT staffers employed and the need for fewer applications and platforms on a per-user basis, according...
  • 11 Things You Should Know About the Cloud
    Remember when Oracle CEO Larry Ellison famously dismissed the cloud as "complete gibberish"? Or the days when you'd mention cloud computing in casual conversation with a non-techy friend or family member, and they'd have absolutely no clue what you...
  • Design Firm Scales Up Its Storage Infrastructure
    The Mill implements a sophisticated storage approach to better manage the huge quantity of data it produces and to enhance availability and performance.
  • Systems Admins Face Mounting Frustrations
    Memo to all you IT users out there: Please give your systems administrators a break. Many IT admins feel overworked and underappreciated, according to a recent survey from Ipswitch. That's not surprising, especially when findings reveal that...
  • Top Qualities of High-Performing Employees
    Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be one of your company's top-performers? Then consider the following checklist of must-have qualities of indispensable professionals, so you can perform a self-assessment. Sure, opinions will...
  • Workplace Demands Increase and Morale Sinks
    Increasing workloads and the ubiquitous presence of technology at work and home are combining to put more pressure on employees to remain always available, according to a recent survey from Randstad U.S. Many workers feel that they have to remain...

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