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General Re Insures Better Data Integration

3 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

Reinsurance giant General Re replaces fragmented legacy systems with a single data platform in order to standardize and globalize crucial data and processes. Read More



  • U.S. Dept. of State Revamps Logistics Management
    The federal agency modernizes its logistics management system and achieves cost savings exceeding $319 million, while eliminating more than 25 archaic systems.
  • Emerging Cyber-Threats Present Big Challenges
    Greater connectivity and more powerful digital technologies represent a double-edged sword for organizations across every sector. While they introduce remarkable opportunities, these technologies also create new and sometimes great risks. A recently...
  • Automated Incident Response: Must-Have Technology
    To increase the efficacy of your security operations center, you need solutions that can do the heavy lifting by automating event investigation and remediation.
  • Internal Clouds Win Out Over Public Clouds
    Organizations are increasingly turning to an internal, or private, cloud to run their data center operations, while de-emphasizing their use of public clouds, according to a recent survey from the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). The accompanying...
  • Should Machines Manage Employees?
    Algorithms can now identify disgruntled employees by predicting when they will cause problems, create scandals, harm the company's reputation or break the law.  
  • To Do Analytics Well, Focus on the Business Issues
    If you want to do well with big data and analytics, you have to look at how and why enterprises have succeeded with BDA programs and how and why they've failed.
  • Life Sciences: A Bold New Frontier for Technology
    The health care and life sciences industry is undergoing radical change as a result of technology. Not only are the organizations that are competing in this space upgrading and updating IT systems to better match today's requirements, they're also...
  • Why IT Turns to Custom Software Providers
    A significant share of IT and business decision-makers are turning to custom software applications to meet their business needs, according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting for Thoughtworks. The accompanying report, "Driving...
  • Building a Thriving Collaborative Workplace
    Creating a collaborative workplace that delivers benefits to both employers and employees requires a clear strategy, transparent goals and the right tech tools.
  • Pressure to Roll Out New Tech Grows, Despite Risks
    For IT and business leaders, the pressure to unveil new and updated technologies, systems and apps—while securing existing infrastructure—is overwhelming. Security concerns and risks seem to grow daily. Hackers and other cyber-criminals...

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