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Why IT Alone Can't Steer a Digital Transformation

21 hours ago | by Dennis McCafferty

For digital transformations to succeed, employees at all business levels must proactively take part, rather than having the IT organization act on its own, according to a recent survey from... Read More



  • Getty Aims for Picture-Perfect IT System
    The world's largest provider of stock photographs and other images improved IT services management, which trimmed customer response times from 15 minutes to 5.
  • Security Gaps Open the Door to Cyber-Criminals
    Despite clear evidence of the huge price of external cyber-attacks, both in terms of mitigation costs and reputation, organizations continue to short-change this key security area. A new study from the Ponemon Institute, "Security Beyond the...
  • How IT and Business Decision-Makers Align on Tech
    IT and business decision-makers are very close in agreement about the strategic technology direction for their organization, according to a recent survey from Dell. The resulting "Dell State of IT Trends 2016" report indicates that both technology...
  • Why Do So Many Digital Transformations Stall?
    While IT decision-makers and office workers believe that the rapid completion of a digital transformation is critical, both feel that their organization isn't making this transition quickly enough, according to a recent survey from Sungard...
  • Mobile Trends, Drivers and Challenges
    Business transformation isn't a buzzword, and nowhere is the concept more apropos than in the mobile arena, where advances and changes are taking place at a rapid and often disorienting rate. Enterprise software firm Aternity recently released its...
  • CIOs Are Confident Their Staff Can Meet Challenges
    With tech departments now expected to make valuable contributions to business strategies while continuing to satisfy nuts-and-bolts operational IT needs, CIOs and other tech leaders expressed considerable confidence in their staff's ability to...
  • Global Firm Improves Its Digital Supply Chain
    Executive search firm Odgers Berndtson deploys a monitoring system to identify the voice of the customer and gain transparency across the digital supply chain.
  • Employee Engagement: How to Keep Top Talent
    While most corporate leaders believe they are committed to employees, many workers feel disconnected, and a significant number of them indicate that they're likely to strike out on their own in the future, according to a recent survey from PwC. The...
  • Why Business Transformations Fail
    While most organizations are undergoing some kind of business transformation, relatively few global executives think they're getting sustainable value from these initiatives, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The resulting "KPMG...
  • How IT Can Enhance the Customer Journey
    In a perfect world, customers would pursue purchases from a store to a digital device to a traditional computer in a seamless manner, engaging with a company that is aware at all times of the customer's needs and preferences. But, so far, this ideal...

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