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Mobility Is a Key Driver of Digital Success

2 hours ago | by Samuel Greengard

An advanced stage of mobility is emerging. Combined with the IoT, geolocation data and social, mobility is becoming the hub for all enterprise communications. Read More



  • Setting Standards: AI & Algorithmic Accountability
    As artificial intelligence becomes a mainstream tool and algorithms form the basis for business decisions, companies need principles to guide their progress.
  • The High Cost of the Growing IT Delivery Gap
    The current wave of innovative technologies—from mobile and the internet of things to the cloud, analytics and artificial intelligence—is pushing business and employees to move at much faster speeds. But with IT still limited to a...
  • IT Pros Spend Much of the Day Handling Emergencies
    It's no secret that IT professionals have to cope with many unexpected situations during the workday. Unpredictability comes with the territory as digital enterprises become more sophisticated and complicated. But what might be surprising is the...
  • Data Management Is Key to Digital Transformation
    Digital technologies generate massive amounts of data. And, as business and IT executives know, managing the resulting information is a growing challenge. There's a need to build out IT systems and ecosystems that use data and information to create...
  • As DevOps Grows, Automation Is Key to App Security
    IT organizations continue to struggle with breaches, which have risen sharply over the past three years. Yet during the same period, the use of secure components has remained flat, suggesting that more organizations must improve their applications'...
  • How Organizations Expect to Benefit From AI
    The majority of companies surveyed have adopted some form of artificial intelligence, and they plan to significantly increase their investments in this technology for the foreseeable future, according to a recent survey from Tata Consultancy...
  • How Bad Hiring Decisions Hurt Companies
    The vast majority of small and midsize businesses run into problems when they begin to hire people, with many encountering unexpected complexities along the way, according to a recent survey from Robert Half. As a result, most have made a bad hire...
  • Obstacles on the Path to Digital Transformation
    Digital transformation is fundamentally changing business and IT models. It is introducing new and often remarkable opportunities for innovation and disruption. However, the path to success is typically paved with more than a few obstacles. A newly...
  • How to Take a Strategic Approach to IT Monitoring
    While the vast majority of IT professionals feel that a strategic monitoring process can deliver a wide range of benefits, relatively few organizations have such a process in place, according to a recent survey from BigPanda. The resulting report,...
  • Barriers Delay Many DevOps and Cloud Deployments
    Without access to self-service tech delivery, most organizations wait more than a week to acquire needed IT infrastructure, according to a recent annual survey from Quali. The majority of companies, in fact, still depend on outdated and...

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