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Building a Thriving Collaborative Workplace

3 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

Creating a collaborative workplace that delivers benefits to both employers and employees requires a clear strategy, transparent goals and the right tech tools. Read More



  • Why BYOA Workers Are Circumventing IT
    Inspired by the "Bring Your Own Applications" (BYOA) movement, many of today's workers are bypassing the IT organization to get the technology tools they need, according to a recent survey conducted by the Harris Poll for K2. The majority of...
  • Company Meets Six-Month IT Migration Deadline
    After it was divested from its parent company last year, Cole Parmer turned to a solutions provider to help it migrate its IT infrastructure within six months.
  • IT Hits Roadblocks When Adopting New Technologies
    While an overwhelming majority of technology professionals feel that the adoption of significant new technologies plays a key role in organizational success, many believe that these efforts aren't as successful as they need to be, according to a...
  • Cyber-Security Teams: No Rest for the Wary
    Today's IT security teams face a constant and evolving barrage of threats that force them to assess their security policies and procedures on an ongoing basis.
  • Tech Helps Business Transition to Agile Strategies
    The vast majority of organizations have reinvented their operating models over the past year, according to survey research from Accenture. This, of course, speaks to the growing demand for agile-driven business strategies, and technology is playing...
  • Taking the Fast Lane With Open Innovation
    With Open Innovation, companies partner with players in a global ecosystem to jointly develop new platforms and apps, enhance offerings or move into new markets.
  • Radixx Goes Back to the Mainframe
    Needing to simplify and streamline its IT operation, the company migrated from a server farm with hundreds of physical machines to a next-generation mainframe.
  • Why Data Scientists Don't Have Time to Do Analysis
    Data scientists spend too much time cleaning and organizing data, which pulls them away from what they should be doing: conducting business-benefitting analysis, according to a recent survey from CrowdFlower. Being understaffed contributes to the...
  • It's Time to Raise the Profile of Security
    Has information security outgrown IT? According to a report from HP, it's possible. The size, scope, severity and frequency of cyber-attacks have raised the profile of security teams to a new level, as evidenced by recent attacks against the likes...
  • Greyhound Rolls Forward With an IT Transformation
    The iconic bus transportation company revamps its IT architecture in a multiyear initiative to accommodate an increasingly demanding business environment.

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