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5 'Deadly Sins' Increase the Risk of a Data Breach

2 days ago | by Eileen McCooey

Common-sense security measures are vital to preventing data breaches related to privileged access management, yet many enterprises aren't diligent about enforcing basic practices. A recent study by... Read More



  • How GDPR Will Improve Data Governance
    The majority of executives queried believe that compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will ultimately benefit them—especially in boosting the effectiveness of their data governance efforts, according to...
  • How to Counter Executive Objections to New Ideas
    Innovation problems happen when companies train employees to fight failure at all costs, and then they wonder why team members aren't coming up with new ideas.
  • Experts Debunk Common Misconceptions About Scrum
    With an estimated 90 percent of agile teams using Scrum around the world, this framework for managing complex projects has become, for many enterprises, the de facto standard in agile team organization. It’s not a surprise, then, that...
  • Why IT Can't Keep Up With I/O Demands
    A significant number of tech professionals said the growth of input/output (I/O) demands is challenging their company's ability to cost-effectively keep up, according to a recent survey from Condusiv Technologies. The resulting "2017 I/O Performance...
  • Squeezing More Value Out of Outsourcing
    Businesses are doubling down on IT outsourcing, according to a recent Computer Economics study that polled 131 IT organizations of various sizes and in a cross-section of industries about their outsourcing trends. But a closer look shows a more...
  • AI Gains Ground With IT and Business Leaders
    The opportunities to put AI to work include high-level strategic decision-making, customer service, product development, marketing, cyber-security and much more.
  • How Clueless Users Lead to Long Days for Tech Pros
    When you're an IT professional, you have to take the good with the bad, and, fortunately, most tech pros have adopted a half-full perspective, according to an "IT Pros Survey" recently released by SolarWinds. IT staffers continue to work long days:...
  • The Demand for Open-Source Professionals Soars
    While the majority of organizations anticipate hiring more open-source professionals over the next six months, an even greater number are struggling to recruit qualified candidates for their open positions, according to a recent survey from the...
  • How Poor Website & App Performance Can Hurt Brands
    A majority of consumers said poor website or app performance will negatively affect their brand loyalty, according to a recent survey from Apica. The resulting report, "Digital Desertion: The Rise of Consumer Web and App Expectations and the Impact...
  • Why Employees Struggle to Collaborate
    Despite efforts to improve employee-to-employee communications, the vast majority of organizations still find it challenging to keep key projects on track, according to a recent survey from Clarizen. Very few, for example, describe the productivity...

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