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Go Beyond Defense-in-Depth for Resilient Security

3 days ago | by Robert Lemos

While defense-in-depth is a good concept for thinking about security, companies should focus on building a more resilient network to better protect their assets. Read More



  • Technology Budgets and IT-Business Alignment Grow
    With IT and business continuing to pursue greater alignment, prospects look very encouraging for technology professionals for the future, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The accompanying "International Technology Adoption and Workforce...
  • Top 12 Tech Companies With Green Initiatives
    Many of the best-known technology companies are leading the way in green initiatives, according to a recent survey from Brand Keys. The brand research consultancy has released a list of the top 50 environmentally friendly organizations ("deemed...
  • General Re Insures Better Data Integration
    Reinsurance giant General Re replaces fragmented legacy systems with a single data platform in order to standardize and globalize crucial data and processes.
  • Should Companies Negotiate With Cyber-Criminals?
    The meteoric growth of cyber-extortion as a prominent threat faced by enterprises has raised a new ethical conundrum for information security executives: to negotiate or not to negotiate? As extortionists have become more creative and precise in...
  • How IT Aligns With Business and User Needs
    The majority of technology professionals say they're increasingly aligning to their organization's business goals, according to a recent survey from PMG. The resulting "2015 PMG Benchmark IT and the UX" study indicates that business leaders are...
  • Complex Risk Environment Challenges Business
    A growing array of digital processes and technologies are ratcheting up the risks for organizations. No longer are threats limited to basic malware, hacking and network intrusions. Increasingly sophisticated attacks—along with newer and more...
  • U.S. Dept. of State Revamps Logistics Management
    The federal agency modernizes its logistics management system and achieves cost savings exceeding $319 million, while eliminating more than 25 archaic systems.
  • Emerging Cyber-Threats Present Big Challenges
    Greater connectivity and more powerful digital technologies represent a double-edged sword for organizations across every sector. While they introduce remarkable opportunities, these technologies also create new and sometimes great risks. A recently...
  • Automated Incident Response: Must-Have Technology
    To increase the efficacy of your security operations center, you need solutions that can do the heavy lifting by automating event investigation and remediation.
  • Internal Clouds Win Out Over Public Clouds
    Organizations are increasingly turning to an internal, or private, cloud to run their data center operations, while de-emphasizing their use of public clouds, according to a recent survey from the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). The accompanying...

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