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How Predictable Disruption Can Benefit Your Firm

5 hours ago | by Guest Author

As a result of ecosystem disruption, companies are changing business models, restructuring business and IT strategies, and reinventing products and services. Read More



  • How IT Organizations Deal With System Outages
    With the vast majority of IT professionals indicating that service availability is very critical, organizations are making "slow but steady" progress in eliminating unplanned downtime incidents, according to a recent survey from Continuity Software....
  • What Do Finance Executives Want From IT?
    A significant number of finance and accounting (F&A) executives are not satisfied with the outcomes of their organization's digital technology efforts, according to a recent survey from Genpact Research Institute and HfS Research. The...
  • Do You Have Enough Cyber-Security Insurance?
    There’s a huge gap in cyber-security insurance policies: They provide little or no protection against the physical damage to systems caused by malware attacks.
  • Anatomy of a Developer: What Drives This Tech Pro?
    When it comes to what tasks they like to do on the job, developers want to learn new technologies while building code, according to a recent survey from Stack Overflow. The resulting "Developer Hiring Landscape" report covers a wide range of...
  • How Digital Technologies Shape Customer Service
    Customer service and support are undergoing a radical transformation. As a slew of digital technologies move into the mainstream—including chat, artificial intelligence (AI), screen sharing and analytics—the opportunities and challenges...
  • How Ineffective Content Practices Hurt Business
    Poor content management practices are triggering a number of work process problems, including delays in retrieving content and duplicated tasks, according to a recent survey from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). The...
  • Dealing With the Patch Management Quagmire
    In a world in which IT security is more important than ever, software patches are playing an increasingly important role as companies look to plug holes in their applications before the bad guys can exploit them. Naturally, one would assume that...
  • Are Organizations Ready for Digital Workflows?
    Since the introduction of the personal computer decades ago, pundits and technophiles have tirelessly and endlessly predicted the arrival of the paperless office. Ironically, computer technology has mostly led to more paper, more ink and, in many...
  • Making Sense of API Data Is a Business Challenge
    IT organizations need to think through all the cultural implications of being able to leverage application programming interfaces to manage IT as a true service.
  • How APIs Drive Business Strategies
    A growing number of organizations are taking advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs)—defined as sets of routines, protocols and tools for building software apps—to improve customer experiences while lowering IT costs,...

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