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Taking a Multifaceted Approach to Cyber-Security

6 days ago | by Samuel Greengard

As the threat landscape grows, there's a need to take a proactive approach that incorporates multilayered security, advanced analytics and user education. Read More



  • Should You Let Employees Use Wearables at Work?
    Management should ask two questions about enterprise wearables: What apps should employees use? How can the firm manage devices that are part of the workplace?
  • BPM Makes Carlsberg Danmark More Efficient
    With business process management, the firm manages the administrative process for its consultants and provides a high level of professionalism to its customers.
  • Delving Into Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle
    Every year, IT research and consulting firm Gartner produces its emerging technologies list, which is also referred to as its hype cycle report. On one hand, the technologies featured are far enough along that they have to be taken seriously by...
  • Challenges in Dealing With the Innovation Gap
    While most senior executives recognize the importance of innovation within their organization, only a minority of companies have implemented a dedicated innovation process, according to a recent survey from Twisthink. On the encouraging side, most...
  • Lack of Automated Cloud Tools Hampers IT Teams
    While most organizations are likely to increase their investments in the cloud over the next five years, IT departments currently struggle with a lack of automated cloud apps and infrastructure tools, according to a recent survey from Logicworks....
  • Why IT Alone Can't Steer a Digital Transformation
    For digital transformations to succeed, employees at all business levels must proactively take part, rather than having the IT organization act on its own, according to a recent survey from QuickBase. The resulting "2016 Digital Transformation...
  • IT Pros Can't Keep Up With the Onslaught of Alerts
    While the vast majority of IT professionals agree that it's important to monitor the performance of their networks and systems, few of them are "very satisfied" with their approach to this critical issue, according to a recent survey from BigPanda....
  • Rémy Cointreau Toasts Its Identity
    Hamstrung by legacy systems, this leading producer of spirits and adult beverages turned to improved identity management to boost agility and flexibility.
  • How IT and the C-Suite Clash on Disaster Recovery
    While the vast majority of organizations have a disaster recovery plan, top business executives and IT and disaster recovery managers differ greatly about the prioritization of these plans, according to a recent survey from Bluelock. The...
  • Getty Aims for Picture-Perfect IT System
    The world's largest provider of stock photographs and other images improved IT services management, which trimmed customer response times from 15 minutes to 5.

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