8 Must-Have Email Management Tools to Help You Stay Organized

email management tools

Productivity issues cost US companies around $500 billion annually. Employees have to spend many hours just dealing with unwanted and undesirable electronic correspondence. This can be easily avoided by using email management apps.

Many US companies collectively lose billions of dollars annually due to a lack of productivity. Employees spend endless hours every week just dealing with emails. So, these problems can be effectively addressed by using the correct email management tools.

Email Management Software

Effective email management software with the right tools can save time, improve productivity, and boost profits. But, you must choose the best email management tool based on the needs and concerns of your business and industry. There are hundreds of email management apps and tools available, and that’s why choosing the best will not be an easy job.

We can simplify the task for you by providing valuable information about the top-rated email management tools available out there.

1. Help Scout

Help Scout is specifically designed to help teams manage their email communication proficiently. The software provides access to powerful collaboration tools. It keeps everyone informed and eliminates duplication of work through its collision detection feature. You can automatically assign tasks to specific employees or custom folders based on established criteria.

The easy access to customer profiles helps organizations remain updated with conversations with a click. You get a whole set of tools to control your email conversations.

2. Sendinblue

In business correspondence, you may have to talk to many people simultaneously. A specialized tool can help you announce a new service or offer a product update to many people simultaneously. Sendinblue enables you to achieve this effortlessly.

With Sendinblue, you can build striking emails using the friendly editor. It also includes top-notch automation to help you send out messages when you want. Sendinblue offers other valuable features like A/B tests and track metrics.

3. Hiver

While most email management software systems operate as standalone tools, Hiver is a little different. It works as an extension of your current Gmail account. You can allocate emails to various teams or team members and even place notes which a standard Gmail account doesn’t allow you to do. Hiver also comes with task automation and analytics features. The advanced features are available only for premium account subscribers.

4. Moosend

Moosend is another popular email management software for multiple communications. The no-code editor helps in making beautiful email templates. You can also segment audiences, run A/B tests, and track specific metrics. All these features are currently available on their free plan making it an email management software that offers excellent value for money.

5. Ongage

This enterprise email management solution is best for businesses handling high-volume campaigns. Tools such as email template editors, segment routing, and email validation are available for the super-smooth management of all email campaigns from end to end. Ongage is made for large enterprises and has partnered with Hotmark to protect inbound and outbound emails. Ongage allows users to immediately spot any breaches in data. It sends out an alert to the team and helps unravel how the incident occurred. This top email management software also prioritizes security and provides a completely ad-free user experience.

6. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a popular name in the email management software system domain. The program is primarily associated with eIMAP/POP access, ActiveSync exchange, email recall, email forwarding, appointment scheduling, white labeling, and storage. It also has a chat client. Many managers regard Zoho as the best email management software for Mac and Apple devices. It also integrates easily with workplace components.

7. Yesware

Yesware is a data-driven email management software for actively tracking sent emails. It comes with a series of tools for monitoring the productivity and success of an email campaign success. Also, it is primarily a productivity analyzer with personal templates, reports, attachment tracking, and analytics features. Additionally, the collaboration features allow you to create many team channels and manage multiple channel campaigns. Moreover, the robust monitoring tools inform you if the emails have been actually read.

8. DeliverySlip

A secured email management software focused on data protection. It has security tools and features that work best for medical, financial, and legal businesses. This software is a must-have for those who deal with classified data. It also allows a highly secure data transfer process via a dedicated encryption pipe. Moreover, the unique email security mechanism eliminates duplication of stored information. Account holders prevent files from downloads and access without proper and prior authorization. DeliverySlip is best for those looking for impeccable email security. It also combines with major players, including Zimbra, G Suite, Yahoo!, and Odin.


As you have seen, there are umpteen options in email management tools with a variety of features and integrations. While choosing the best email management tool for your business, make sure you identify your priorities. Also, research the emerging trends and tools that can add to your email management efficiency.