Ten Great Companies for Work-Life Balance

Ten Great Companies for Work-Life Balance

Ten Great Companies for Work-Life Balance

Comments: "Most of the people you work with are extremely sharp and driven to do what is right for the government agencies they serve ... Work-life balance is very real."

A growing number of workers struggle to establish optimal work-life balance in their lives. Technology has made a great impact here—for better and worse. On the positive side, tech greatly increases our ability to do more work in less time. On the not-so-great side, it continues to encourage an always-on culture when it comes to professional commitment, and it seems as if we're never completely disconnected from the office. All of this is taking a toll, as the American Institute of Stress calls job-related issues "the major culprit" of tension in our lives. And 57 percent of Gen Y professionals will actually take unplanned days off to deal with their stress levels. Fortunately, many companies recognize this problem and seek ways to help employees cope. With this in mind, Glassdoor, a top job-search site, has come up with the top companies for work-life balance. Benefits include flex schedules, free meals, on-site child care and exercise facilities. Many are technology companies, and all are driven by IT.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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