Cloud Computing: Public or Private?

Here are three factors to consider:

1. If you want wide access to a large range of IT tools with virtually no restrictions, you?ll probably want to go the public-cloud route. As when ordering at a cafeteria, you pick what you want and use the tech solutions as you need them, with no contractual obligations for use.

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2. If you consider security a high priority, you?ll likely opt for a private cloud. The public cloud option, whether deservedly or not, still presents security concerns among IT managers.

3. A high-transaction, low-security business would probably prefer a public cloud, since volume and the need for access to the latest high-volume processing/monitoring tools would be high. Long delays on acquisition, implementation and integration would be avoided. Plus, the ?pay as you go? public-cloud approach is more amenable to keeping purchases of big-ticket items in check.

Sources: Frost and Sullivan, Project Management Institute and Deloitte Consulting