A List of the Highest Paying Coding Languages

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Are you a software developer looking to upgrade your skills and earnings? You can sharpen your skills and earn handsomely once you do that. But before you enroll in one more coding language, it is essential to find out which ones are in demand. There are hundreds of coding languages to choose from, so zeroing in on the right one can be challenging.

Developing competency in a coding language can take many months. You certainly don’t want your time and efforts to go to waste by learning a language that is of little use to companies. This list of the highest-paying coding languages for 2023 can help you make the right choice.


At the top of the list of the highest-paying coding languages is Clojure. This general programming language is a dynamic one that integrates the interactive capability of scripting languages. Clojure has an efficient infrastructure best-suited for multi-threaded coding. It is a dialect of Lisp and shares its code-as-data philosophy.

This functional programming language includes many immutable, persistent data structures. It is the preferred language of developers for AI and data mining.

Median Salary: $106,644

Potential Earning For Skilled Coders: $150,000 to $200,000


Erlang is a popularly used functional programming language. It is used for developing scalable real-time systems that offer high availability. Erlang is generally used in the telecom field, but it also has a solid presence in the eCommerce and banking sectors.

Erlang is often referred to as an OTP or Open Telecom Platform. It is a collection of libraries and tools written in this coding language.

Median Salary: $103,000

Potential Earning For Skilled Coders: $130,000 to $180,000.


Lisp can be called a collection of languages with an impressive record. Developed by John McCarthy, Lisp also holds itself as one of the oldest languages. Lisp is still used by many professional developers, but not in its original form. This language has evolved and generated many dialects.

Despite being old, Lisp is still a highly lucrative programming language for software engineers, especially those dealing with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Median Salary: $95,000

Potential Earning for Skilled Coders: $81,000 to $140,000


Ruby has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages in the modern IT era. It is high-level and dynamic. Ruby supports multiple programming paradigms and ensures high productivity among developers.

Software developers often use the coding language to build desktop applications for various needs. These include web development, automation tools, and data processing services.

Ruby enjoys sustained popularity in the world of coding and remains commonly used, resulting in many jobs. Ruby developers can command high salaries.

Median Salary: $93,000

Potential Earning for Skilled Coders: $122,000


This general-purpose language helps support any static type system and functional programming needs. Scala derives from the term Scalable Language, meaning developers created it to develop and evolve according to the scaling needs of its users.

Scala is a challenging language for coders as it is designed to be concise. Many of its features resolve general grievances about the Java programming language.

Scala has features of other popular functional programming languages, such as Scheme and Haskell. Its key features are immutability, pattern matching, currying, and lazy evaluation.

Median Salary: $92780

Potential Earning for Skilled Coders: $140,000 to $200,000


Perl is a feature-rich and powerful programming language and one of the oldest. It has 30-plus years of development history and is extremely popular as a general-purpose programming language. Developed way back in 1987, Perl now runs over 100 platforms.

Perl is a collection of comparable programming languages. The latest addition to the Perl family includes Raku, released in 2019. However, Perl 6 also performs as a distinct programming language and has its own development team.

Some may speculate about the relevance of Perl in this list of the top coding languages, but Perl is still highly relevant for developers today. The latest surveys show that Perl developers are in huge demand and attract high salaries.

Median Salary: $90,073

Potential Earning for Skilled Coders: $117,000 to $174,000


Developed in 2009 by Google, this open-source programming language finds similarities to the C programming language. But, it differs from many other coding languages as it includes structural typing, garbage collection, and memory safety.

The core aim behind the development of Go was to create a language capable of building highly efficient and reliable software. Likewise, many developers used Go extensively this year, and it remains high on the popularity list.

Developers looking to learn a new coding language with the most open positions can choose Go to achieve their goals.

Median Salary: $89,204

Potential Earning for Skilled Coders: $123,000 to $160,000


There are numerous coding languages to choose from that can potentially land you a high-paying job as a developer. However, this doesn’t mean that the top coding languages listed here are suitable for all readers. There are many open positions with high salaries for those skilled in general-purpose programming languages. So, make your choice after careful consideration of your existing skills and future goals.