4 Examples of Excellent Customer Testimonial Pages

Customer Testimonial

When your potential customers search for you online, they might learn about your brand through the content on your website or maybe through some promotional strategies you might be using. The main problem with this approach is the potential lack of trust. They will be hesitant to buy unless they find something that convinces them that your products or services are good.

So, how to build trust online with potential customers? Why not let your existing happy and satisfied customers promote you?

What Is Customer Testimonial Page

Your customer testimonial page can be one of the best ways of driving your sales. It is a marketing strategy that many businesses have tried and tested with varying degrees of success.

The success of your customer testimonial page will depend on how you present the page and its content to your visitors.

When done right, great testimonials, reviews, and customer stories can become your business’s most valuable assets. They can be used to generate leads and achieve sales.

Just one good review has the potential to bring in many new customers. Many online buyers say they trust online reviews and testimonials. Most of them go to the website’s testimonials page to look at what customers say before making an online purchase.

It is clear that testimonials and reviews heavily influence customers. So, that’s why you must spend time creating your website’s testimonial page. It can make a massive difference to your sales, revenue, and profits.

No testimonials yet? Check out these examples of great customer testimonial pages. They will give you a broad idea of how to take the first steps toward creating a killer testimonial page for your website.

Check Out These Unique Testimonials And Reviews


mHelpDesk is a software that offers field service. The company has a genuinely enticing customer review page featuring video and written testimonials. Some of them are in-depth. You will also see some case study testimonials, which is an excellent idea as it can immediately attract companies from the same or similar domain.

The images of badges are prominently present, which is a must-have for any reviewing site. The video testimonials are clearly the USPs of this page, as these are honest reviews by real clients. It takes that level of trust to another level.


ZenDesk is a brand that has been around for years and needs no introduction. It has a dedicated client base, yet the company takes lots of effort to make sure the voices of their happy customers reach those potential customers.

ZenDesk clearly stands apart with one of the best testimonial pages. The page is regularly updated with stories about customers’ experiences with the brand. One aspect that stands apart is the addition of the industry of the reviewer in the introduction part. It helps potential customers identify the use cases for their industry or sector.

Of course, ZenDesk has the advantage of having a huge customer base as it has been around for long. But that’s not the point. Others can learn from the way they have used a smooth mix of reviews, videos, case studies, testimonials, and recommendations in one place to make a strong pitch.

ZenDesk’s testimonial page also carries long-form case studies explaining how their tools can work for a specific business or industry. The page has screenshots of their products being used and some tangible numbers that add to the trust factor.


HubSpot’s testimonials page is a classic example of how you can use the positive experiences of your happy customers to drive your business ahead. They have taken a different approach to their customer testimonials page.

The Case Studies page is where they have focused very sharply. They have highlighted a few featured case stories and then explained the type of results customers generally enjoy. Visitors can zero in on specific case studies based on the business sector or industry by browsing through the directory provided.

As HubSpot offers a variety of solutions for various industries, this is a smart move that resonates well with visitors. Another unique approach is that visitors only see personal reviews and quotes when they click on an individual post.

The case studies are long form and presented in a detailed manner, answering all the possible queries potential customers might have.

The testimonial page has many vectors and graphics, making it easy for readers to get to their area of interest quickly.


Codecademy is a platform famous for its online courses. They help customers develop new skills and find new career paths. Its courses in coding languages are extremely popular.

The Codeacademy testimonial page relates the stories of people who took their courses and had life-changing career experiences. These testimonials are presented in the format of a long-form interview.

Happy customers from the academy share their stories, experiences, and achievements. These interviews are presented to inspire others looking to change their career paths and achieve success. The personal story-sharing style is highly relatable and creates a massive potential for bringing in new customers.


As we have seen, testimonials can be powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. You must know how to present customer reviews and videos in a format that can instantly convince them of your brand’s superiority. Use these examples to optimize your testimonials and make the best use of them.