Effective Ways to Receive and Show Off Amazing Customer Testimonials

how to get customer testimonials

What would you trust while purchasing a new product? An advertisement or a customer review? If you chose the latter, you are in a majority. A whopping 81 percent of consumers rely on Google reviews to make buying decisions. (Source). Moreover, customer testimonials have emerged as incredibly valuable tools for attracting and converting customers. More potential buyers are looking at reviews and testimonials to decide about buying a product. So, let’s understand how to get customer testimonials and what they can do for your business.

It is only natural for people to believe someone who has already bought your product rather than to rely on your own advertisements about your service or product. Testimonials can be a double-edged sword – they can lend credibility to your brand and site and show your focus on customer service. Customers rely on testimonials as much as they trust personal recommendations from a family member or a friend.

You can accentuate client testimonials in many different ways. Here are some of the most effective ways of doing it.

Ask for Testimonials

The first step is to gather client testimonials. The simplest way of doing this is to ask clients if they are willing to write a testimonial. So, gather as many different types of testimonials as possible. Additionally, if it’s too long, you can edit them down. Likewise, you may even share samples of testimonials with those who agree to provide you with one.

Design the Testimonial

The client may send you a rough draft of what they want to say about your product. A powerful testimonial focuses on the USPs of a product or service. So, get what you are aiming for by asking clients to share specific instances. It may be about how the product helped them solve a problem or how a service made life easier. The core of the testimonial should be honed in on facts that make your company and brand stand out from your competitors.

Place Testimonials on Landing Pages

Testimonials can be placed in various areas of your website, but they work more effectively in some areas than others. To take a call on where to place them, think of the purpose of the testimonial. If it’s a generic statement about the benefits of doing business with your company, the landing page is the right place to showcase them. New visitors reading the testimonials are more likely to convert.

Add Testimonials to the Photo Gallery

Your sales funnel has different levels. The photo gallery is the mid-point of the funnel for those who visit this page and view other projects you have completed. They want more information. Offering customer reviews and testimonials on the photo gallery is the best way to convince people to do business with you. The testimonial will push the customers who are on the fence to the next phase of the sales funnel.

Spread Testimonials Throughout Blog Content

Your blog content is another place where you can place testimonials to maximize impact. Some visitors will likely land on your blog page and may never visit the testimonial page. Adding testimonials on the blog page allows you to convince visitors to buy your products or use your services. Use them in a relevant manner for a more significant impact.

Invite Customers to Share Their Reviews

You can engage better with existing customers by asking them to share their views about your product/service through testimonials. A Call to Action button can be provided to encourage them to write a review. This is an excellent way of showing that you are not afraid of what customers have to say. It is also a reflection of the confidence you have in your brand.

Use Social Media Channels To Share Testimonials

Testimonials can be a great piece of content for sharing on social media. However, merely putting the reviews there is of no use. The purpose is to convert that traffic into subscribers for your newsletters or drive them to your website. Social media has an incredible reach. Your business can benefit immensely through these reviews and testimonials when used correctly.

Place Testimonials Beside CTAs

If your Call to Action button looks great, the wording is perfect, and the placement is just correct, there is just one more thing you must do. Add a short testimonial next to that powerful and perfected CTA button. It is a simple way of converting visitors into customers. Moreover, the small bit of content can help push them into making that vital decision to buy your product or service.


While using customer testimonials, it is important to make it easy for visitors to find them quickly. That’s why placing these testimonials on your website is so important. They must not be made to search all over the website to find a specific page of reviews. So, by sprinkling them throughout the website, you can increase the chances of getting people to see them and take the necessary action. Also, always provide clear and clickable links to additional details to give them the information they need to make buying decisions.