IT Must Deal With Real-Life Horror Shows

IT Must Deal With Real-Life Horror Shows

IT Must Deal With Real-Life Horror Shows

The Horror Flick for Malware Would be ...
I Know What You Did Last Summer. Did you illegally download that movie at work? Malware remains the destructive "reminder."

Slashers, ghosts and zombies ... Oh, my! With an onslaught of hackers, meddlesome internal users and malware-laden applications out there, IT departments may feel as if they’re dealing with a real-life horror show every day. So, with tongue-in-cheek, the folks at Bomgar speculated about which fright films would best represent the most common tech problems. Hey, we're not saying you should dress up as a computer virus for upcoming Halloween parties, but we do realize that protecting enterprises from these threats can often amount to a thankless task, and IT people often perform the work of unappreciated heroes of cinematic proportions. Bomgar provides remote enterprise tech support for 6,500 corporate customers worldwide.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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