Top 5 Apps for eCommerce in 2022

apps for eCommerce

eCommerce is on a roll, and the consistency of growth in this industry worldwide is remarkable. For the past couple of years, online shopping has been breaking records. Consumers had to rely on online stores during these times as the global lockdown forced nearly every business to shut down. eCommerce survived the phase and even thrived remarkably. The habit has caught on, especially with eCommerce apps.

Consumers continue to patronage online resources despite the near-normal situation now.

The number of online stores continues to grow. However, eCommerce brands must plan how they proceed. The goals should be attracting more customers, increasing sales and revenue, and protecting the company’s invaluable data.

Here are five of the best eCommerce apps you should look at this year.

1. Profit Tracking App

Money management is critical in any business, especially in an eCommerce setup. Sales can come in from multiple sources, and money can fly out quickly too. Keeping track of your finances is necessary to know where you stand. A good profit tracking app can provide you with your income and expenditure details. You can track expenses under various heads such as marketing, ad campaigns, overheads, shipping, packaging, etc.

With the right app, you can spend less time tracking your finances and profit. It will leave you with more time to focus on business management.

The best profit tracking app appears to be BeProfit. The key features are:

  • User-friendly interface that provides all your financials in one place
  • Tracks all financial data automatically
  • Provides detailed data when you need them in a snap

2. App for Online Chat

Any business can do better with live chat integrations on its website. For an eCommerce business, it’s imperative. Live chat doesn’t just provide quality customer support. They are also used to drive sales. Research shows that visitors drawn to web chat are more likely to convert than others. So, make sure you use the best app for online chat.

LTVplus is the best one, according to marketing experts. The key features are:

  • A skilled and trained team of customer service agents
  • Agents answer customer queries and also gently guide them through the sales funnel
  • Chat monitoring and 24/7 email support
  • Can work with your in-house team for better coordination and outcomes

3. SMS Marketing App

Despite the availability of other digital communication mediums, companies prefer using the good old text messaging option. SMS reigns supreme when it comes to messaging your clients. The response rates and conversions are higher with SMS than with emails. It is believed that the average open rate for SMS campaigns is an extremely impressive 98 percent. For an email campaign message, that figure hovers around 20 percent only. Choose an app that can combine SMS and email campaigns to get the best of both mediums.

Omnisend is the unanimous choice of brands looking for the best email service provider for the eCommerce industry. The key features:

  • You can send SMS messages in addition to emails in the same campaign.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms.
  • Connects with Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Google’s Customer Match.
  • Allows remarketing ads to any customer segments.

4. Content Creation App

New eCommerce entities find it tough to gain customer confidence in their brand even after spending heavily on ads and social media marketing. Consumers are as skeptical of new brands. However, they seem to accept brands and their claims more easily when endorsed by people they follow online. Influencer marketing is one way of gaining customer approval for your brand. There are other visual assets for achieving success in the consumer marketplace. You need an effective content creation app to create optimized and engaging content.

Cohley is a one-stop solution preferred by eCommerce businesses for all their social marketing needs. The key features:

  • Has a highly experienced team of content producers from every platform and niche
  • Helps generate authentic reviews from multiple channels for new products
  • Connects you with leading influencers to get you better coverage on top social channels.

5. Data Specific App

eCommerce businesses depend heavily on Cloud and SaaS to access vital business management. However, accessing comprehensive account-level backups isn’t one of them. Users are responsible for the security of their data according to the Shared Responsibility Model in cloud computing. eCommerce businesses generate tons of data by the minute. A minor mishap or mismanagement can erase critical business data and bring business operations to a grinding halt,

Your eCommerce business must find ways of securing data in a foolproof manner. Automated backups must be standard for all eCommerce business operations.

Rewind is one of the recommended apps for eCommerce for securing automated backups of all vital business data. The key features:

  • Automated backups of every transaction and activity the app is approved for.
  • Integrates with all platforms, including Trello, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others.
  • Works for eCommerce businesses of all types and sizes
  • Reasonably priced

eCommerce businesses have a tough time managing various aspects of their business operation. With increasing sales come huge data-crunching responsibilities. Protecting data, serving customers efficiently, and tracking profits should all be priorities for eCommerce businesses. These apps for eCommerce can bolster your business prospects in 2022 when used correctly.