Quiz: Does My Project Need LAMP?

Is open-source software too green to compete against the likes of Microsoft? Fans of the Linux-anchored LAMP “platform” certainly disagree. To learn more about LAMP before taking this quiz, please read this Baseline Primer. 1. My staff is comfortable with Linux and Unix-style programming. DISAGREE     AGREE 1. 2.

BearingPoint: A Rose By Another Name

Bearingpoint 1676 International Drive McLean, VA 22102 (703) 747-3000 www.bearingpoint.com TICKER: BE EXCHANGE:NYSE EMPLOYEES:15,847 Michael J. Donahue Group EVP, COO Helped steer the acquisition and integration of more than 25 consulting businesses, including KPMG Consulting AG’s German, Swiss and Austrian practices. Once ran the firm’s global PeopleSoft consulting practice and,

Yellow Corp. Acquires Tech-Savvy Roadway

Trucking company Yellow Corp. said Tuesday that it will acquire rival Roadway in a cash and stock deal valued at about $966 million.The deal links two of the largest trucking companies in the transportation industry. The combined company, to be known as Yellow-Roadway, will have combined annual revenue of $6

McDonald’s Wants It Their Way

Innovate wasn’t McDonald’s first attempt to capture operational data from its restaurants. Nearly 10 years earlier, in 1991, McDonald’s made its first foray into collecting daily sales data from stores through an electronic register, or point-of-sale, system. But rather than turning to a solution from outsiders, McDonald’s decided to cook

Roadblock: Technical Aversion

THE OBSTACLEMcDonald’s culture for years had been based on a very simple mantra: the burgers and fries had to be consistent and they had to be served fast. Anything that didn’t directly improve either of those ends was deemed by management to be irrelevant. So when it came to introducing

Gotcha! Managing Vendor Selection For Big Jobs

DID YOU KNOW THAT:Deciding how to pick a vendor is almost more important than deciding which one to pickSome projects are doomed from the start because they don’t get all the decision-makers lined up on how product and vendor decisions will be made. As a result, the product choice that

McDonald’s Technology Trials

At a busy McDonald’s on East 42nd Street in Manhattan, Internet access comes free with a Value Meal purchase. Or, at least, the promise of it does.The dining room at this high-volume restaurant, just across the street from Grand Central Station, doesn’t seem to lend itself to casual Web browsing.

The Network Is Cisco

Thirteen years ago, three airlines pooled their mainframe computing systems and created Worldspan. Their aim was to process reservations submitted by travel agents then typing on green-screen terminals. By 2002, Worldspan’s mainframes processed half of the 36 million airline reservations made over the Internet. If all goes well, Worldspan could

Fast Food Fails Digital Networking Test

The most important shareholders’ meeting in McDonald’s history was about to start. It was early May 2003 and several hundred stockholders and analysts were wedged into the Hyatt Lodge ballroom on the sprawling McDonald’s Oak Brook, Ill., campus. Chief Executive Officer Jim Cantalupo looked on as Ronald McDonald bounded around

The Bottom Line Per… Richard Jones

The CIO of the $12 billion financial services company says information technology gives his company a competitive advantage. For example, Countrywide Financial reduced the time to process a home mortgage—from application to approval—to 10 days by electronically analyzing and processing applications and supporting documents. Q. What metrics do you use