Peoria police detain duo for targeted business burglaries

"Duo Detainment"

Peoria law enforcement recently detained two suspects, Samuel Rocha and Erica Ortega-Pompa, over a series of crimes aimed mainly at small businesses. Faces charges including burglary, criminal property damage, theft, and trespassing are on the table. The pair were nabbed after an intense investigation by the Peoria Police Department.

Allegedly, these suspects targeted local businesses, causing substantial damage and loss. The criminal activities began on March 23rd, systematically targeting stores and forcefully extracting cash registers and security safes. This resulted in significant community concern and directly affected the livelihoods of many small business owners.

Security camera footage showed the suspects’ modus operandi. A truck, two individuals smashing a shop door, entry, a quick grab-and-go, and then the truck speeding away. Despite their faces being covered, the video revealed that the burglaries have been meticulously planned.

Peoria police apprehend business burglary suspects

The authorities are appealing for any witnesses or any additional information they might have.

In a pattern observed across business locations on Northern and Peoria Streets near the 91st Avenue, the suspects were noted to disable security cameras, reinforcing the notion of a planned, coordinated attack. Crimes were committed late at night between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM, providing a challenging task for law enforcement.

The total damage and stolen merchandise approximated to $17,000. Owners of these predominantly small, family-owned businesses are struggling with the loss besides the merchandise. Despite difficulties and the blow from recent world events, the community is rallying support with hopes that local residents and insurance coverage would assist these businesses’ recovery.

Even with the suspects in custody, Peoria Police urge citizens and business owners to remain vigilant and enforce necessary safety measures. Practical steps include keeping properties well-lit, securing a robust security system, and maintaining an updated list of valuable possessions.

Business owners should secure their premises, especially during non-operational hours. Installing quality surveillance cameras and an active alarm system are some recommendations from the police.

In their commitment to citizen safety, Wellbeing, and justice for the victims, Peoria Police reiterates the importance of community cooperation to achieve a crime-free environment. They’re depending on the investigative team’s diligence and community vigilance to reach a swift and fair conclusion in this case.