Nissan confirms continuation of GT-R, Z series at Auto Show

GT-R Continuation

Ponz Pandikuthira, Senior Vice President of Nissan North America, recently announced the continuation of the Nissan GT-R and Z vehicle series in the 2024 New York Auto Show. This confirmation is good news for die-hard fans who were concerned about the discontinuation of these beloved car models. Now, they can eagerly look forward to the next-generation vehicles.

While blending these models into Nissan’s evolving lineup might take time, the future of GT-R and Z series is secured. Nissan is committed to meeting the expectations of its loyal customers and ensures the preservation and innovation of these vehicles, strengthening Nissan’s foothold in the automobile sector.

The current GT-R model, after an impressive 16-year performance, is nearing its retirement. However, Nissan aims to keep the GT-R legacy alive through special editions like the Takumi and Skyline that honor previous GT-R models. The upcoming Takumi is being designed to combine modern features with the distinctive GT-R elements, while the Skyline edition is a tribute to the GT-R’s rich history.

The development of the new GT-R is well underway.

Ensuring Nissan GT-R, Z series’ future longevity

Although a shift towards an electric powertrain seems likely, Nissan is resolute in maintaining the vehicle’s top-notch performance. To achieve this, the automaker might collaborate with Formula E to explore energy-efficient configurations. This potential move does not imply any compromise on speed or efficiency, but rather reflects Nissan’s commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.

According to Nissan’s Senior VP, Alfonso Albaisa, the upcoming GT-R model will preserve its iconic design including the signature quadruple tail lights. He expressed that even with the modernization, the essence of GT-R will remain intact, respecting the car’s history and the customers’ loyalty towards its classic elements. Albaisa views the evolution of the GT-R as an opportunity for growth and promises a truly remarkable GT-R experience to all customers.

The forthcoming GT-R is expected to be launched around 2030, while the Z series continues its evolution. The current Z model, introduced two years ago, will reportedly retain its eco-friendly powertrain before any major modification. Whether the future Z series model will be a complete redesign or a much-improved version of its present form remains to be seen.