Florida governor vetoes proposed hemp regulations

"Florida Hemp Veto"

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis recently blocked a proposed rule that could have drastically regulated the sale of hemp-related products in the state. This regulation could have potentially hindered the growth and expansion of local businesses in the hemp industry, especially those targeting young consumers.

The vetoed rule mainly targeted vaping and other popular hemp-derived items among teenagers and young adults. This restriction could have placed a significant burden on retailers and businesses selling these items. Nevertheless, Governor DeSantis chose instead to foster better awareness and understanding among consumers.

This decision has resulted in a significant victory for large-scale hemp corporations and small businesses alike. They had previously expressed worries about possible unfair restrictions. However, the emphasis on the well-being of younger consumers remains at the forefront.

The Governor believes that the emphasis should be on achieving a balance between business growth and regulation. This action paves the way for Florida’s rapidly growing hemp market to have a more viable and lucrative future, all while maintaining consumer safety.

The vetoed rule could have stopped the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from allowing the use or removal of certain hemp extracts unless state guidelines were followed.

Florida governor blocks hemp product rules

Despite the rejection, there is still ongoing discussion about how to regulate this rapidly expanding industry effectively.

DeSantis pointed out that these rules could have placed a further unnecessary burden on small businesses in the state. He pointed to their already difficult situation due to the recent pandemic situation. He firmly believes that the state should aid these businesses in recovery, not provide more obstacles.

He expressed concerns about whether such regulations would meet their intended purpose. More stringent rules could potentially favor larger corporations at the expense of smaller businesses. Hence, The Governor proposes a balanced regulatory approach, focusing on important areas such as Quality Control, Labelling, Marketing and Packaging, and Retail Sales in future legal discussions.

Citing concerns for small businesses, doubts about the rule’s effectiveness, DeSantis vetoed the plan. He recommends comprehensive considerations balancing both the oversight needs and business requirements, particularly for smaller enterprises in Florida.

He has proposed a joint effort from legislators, business leaders, and industry experts to address concerns effectively and cater to the needs and challenges of all Florida businesses. With this, he hopes to foster a thriving business environment within the state.