Data Tech Fund backs data-centric startups

Data Tech Fund

Data Tech Fund is a Seattle-based investment firm, founded by former Facebook engineers, focused on backing data-driven startups. They believe in the power of data and its transformative capabilities. They support companies making cutting-edge advancements in data utilization and implementation.

Their portfolio is versatile, with startups revolutionizing various sectors through data technology. The firm’s roots go back to Seattle where the founders have gathered significant experience from their days at Facebook.

General partner Ravi Grover admits there were initial doubts about their specific data-focused approach. However, the recent surge in AI and associated tech progress forced them to reconsider the enormous potential data holds.

Ravi Grover and other partners at Data Tech Fund hold a tremendous contribution towards Facebook’s ascension.

Data Tech Fund: Supporting data-driven startups

Apart from this, Grover has also invested his time and resources in Seattle-based startups, extending his influence and support in the local tech ecosystem.

Data Tech Fund secured a first fund of $10 million, attracting investors from corporates like Meta, Apple, Dropbox, Asana, and DocSend. Their goal is to support ventures using proprietary data and AI technologies, spanning across numerous sectors. This data-focused approach enables them to foster innovative leaps in technology and business.

Even though Data Tech Fund has not made any investments in Seattle-startups yet, Grover hopes this will change soon. He showed readiness to explore international investment opportunities while showing a preference for the local Seattle business environment.

As much as they welcome AI applications, Grover emphasized the firm’s commitment to broader fields of data analytics and data science. He accentuated the firm’s determination to create real value and make a substantial impact on businesses and the data science industry.