Big Bend community rallies after fire devastates local landscaping firm

Fire Devastation Rally

On April 19, a terrible fire engulfed Extreme Exteriors, a reputed landscaping firm in Big Bend, Wisconsin. The local firefighting team’s dexterous efforts limited the spread of the blaze. Fortunately, there were no casualties, though the property sustained severe damage.

Shawn McCalister, the owner who formed the company over 20 years ago, is faced with the huge task of resurrection. In the face of this unfortunate predicament, the Big Bend community has rallied in support, with fundraising initiatives underway.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Although uncertainty persists, foul-play has been dismissed. As Extreme Exteriors plans its comeback, the team is fueled by an unyielding community spirit.

In adversity, community support can be pivotal. That’s proven true in Big Bend, where business is about more than just profit.

Community support aids fire-stricken landscaping firm

As they plan their revival, Extreme Exteriors won’t be alone.

Greg Peterson, the owner, alerted about the fire at nightfall, was deeply distressed. Standing before the smoldering ruins of what was once a prosperous business, he summoned the strength to reassure his staff, certain that the company would bounce back stronger.

News of the fire spread fast, drawing sympathy from the local community for the well-respected business. The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department suggests that negligently stored wood-staining rags might have triggered the blaze. Thanks to the combined efforts of local fire department agencies, the fire was successfully contained.

Peterson expressed gratitude towards the aid workers and firefighters whose diligent actions minimized further casualties and damage. While the disaster’s cost is likely in millions, exact estimates remain uncertain. Even amidst the chaos, firefighters managed to salvage family photographs from the wreckage, offering Peterson a glimmer of hope amid the devastation.

Despite the tragedy, Peterson is resolute in rebuilding the business, bolstered by community support. The matter is currently under investigation by local authorities.