August 2006 Online Extras

  • This slideshow presents a snapshot of some of 2005’s top-paid information-technology executives.

  • An expert offers advice on what to consider before investing in a system to manage your organization’s mobile devices.

  • The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, offers best practices for managing information technology. Proponents say it boosts discipline in technology operations—but where should you begin?

  • Working America, a Washington affiliate of the AFL-CIO, is holding a Bad Boss contest. Submit your tales of horror, humiliation and/or humor.

  • Andrew Mantovani, co-founder of a Web mob that trafficked in stolen credit card numbers, was sentenced to 32 months in federal prison. Gage asks readers: Are sentences for cybercrimes too light? Are hackers and thieves getting off easy for wreaking havoc?

  • When To figure what it would cost your organization to build an e-mail storage system, download this worksheet.

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