Mobile and Consumer Tech Benefits Companies

Mobile and Consumer Tech Benefits Companies

Mobile and Consumer Tech Benefits Companies

Consumer Tech Grows  61% of companies report that the majority of employees now use personal computing devices in the workplace.

Although consumer and mobile technologies in the enterprise aren't a new concept, organizations are now turning to these tools in a far more enthusiastic and strategic way, according to a new study from business technology services firm Avenade. The company recently examined a survey of 599 C-level executives and IT decision- makers in 19 countries. It found that the widespread use of consumer technologies in the enterprise is having a sweeping impact on traditional ways of doing business and the results companies can achieve. "We found that companies are not only embracing these technologies in the workplace, they are enabling them," says Dan O'Hara, vice president of mobility for Avenade. In fact, "Many executives and IT decision-makers are modifying business processes in key functions to better leverage mobile devices and other consumer technologies. In the past, technology use at work had been dictated by business requirements. In recent years, this dynamic has begun to shift as the use of technologies is increasingly influenced by employee preferences. This shift, if harnessed correctly by companies, can bring powerful benefits." The benefits? Companies that have altered business processes are achieving greater agility, improved employee satisfaction levels and increased profitability.

Samuel Greengard is a freelance writer for Baseline.
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