Aligning Your Mobile Management Strategy

Effective mobile device management means tackling a number of challenges. According to Christopher Isaac, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Practice, an organization should focus on several key areas:

? A mobility strategy that?s in line with overall company or IT objectives
? Executive support to avoid unrealized benefits, cost overruns and poor decision making

? A consistent framework for evaluating, monitoring and measuring performance of mobility solutions

Policy and Governance
? Avoiding security, privacy or regulatory violations due to the lack of a defined mobility policy and governance structure
? Steering clear of excess expenditures due to a focus on individual segmented solutions

? Adoption of sound management practices to boost the odds of a successful rollout and spur the adoption of new mobile solutions
? A focus on core business processes rather than the available technology

Business Process
? The creation of new business models, operational effectiveness and an enhanced user experience
? A sound project management approach that reduces?if not eliminates?deployment delays and cost overruns and improves return on benefits.