Firms Are Out of Sync on IT-Business Integration

Firms Are Out of Sync on IT-Business Integration

Firms Are Out of Sync on IT-Business Integration

MIA  Only 16% of companies say they have full levels of integration among business systems.

Organizations are struggling to establish a fully integrated, connected enterprise, according to a survey recently released by Scribe Software. Without this, they're inviting a host of issues that could negatively affect competitive performance, as companies increase their attempts to align business strategies with IT investment. Sales and marketing departments, for example, command a major say in the acquisition of systems and applications. Yet, the overall transition has been a bumpy one, because many business and IT operations are not adequately integrated. The report also covers a wide range of other topics, such as cloud-adoption plans and the outsourcing of custom-code development. But the findings that address integration issues appear to signal the most significant cautionary note. "Businesses are struggling to reach the connected-enterprise nirvana, despite their focus on the importance of core-business system integration," says Scribe CEO Lou Guercia. "With the continued move to cloud and complex hybrid environments, the lack of integration is becoming clearer and is significantly slowing business value." More than 921 global technology professionals and business leaders took part in the research, which also included perspectives from tech vendors and partners.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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