Cloud Services, Mobile Security Key to Disaster Planning: AT&T

Disaster recovery plans are an essential element for any organization, and mobile security services are taking an increasingly prominent place in those plans, according to a survey from network operator AT&T, which found six out of ten (60 percent) invest in mobile security services with the majority (69 percent) indicating potential security breaches as the most pressing concern.

Maintaining mobility and wireless capabilities, though inherently complex, has become increasingly important to businesses, with 67 percent of executives surveyed indicating they have included wireless network capabilities as part of their business continuity plans, and 52 percent of IT executives surveyed anticipated the spending for mobile security services to increase.

The survey also indicated companies have had their business continuity plans fully tested in the past year, according to 63 percent of respondents, and the vast majority (87 percent) have already implemented the necessary arrangements for communicating with key executives during a natural disaster. Business are also preparing for the possibility of a virtual event such as a potential security breach, with 67 percent of respondents indicating their business continuity plans include such a scenario.

“There’s certainly no shortage of potential threats or disasters around the world and it s evident that executives are taking the necessary measures to ensure their business continuity plans are in place and actionable,” Chris Costello, assistant vice presidents of offer management for cloud services said in a prepared statement. “We’ve seen a strong emphasis on IT security and continued growth in areas of cloud and mobile applications; implying that companies are embracing the tools and services needed to continue operational activities despite potential threats and disasters. “

AT&T has conducted the study for more than ten years, surveying IT executives from companies in the United States with at least $25 million in annual revenue to measure the national pulse on business continuity planning. The company also conducts several Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) exercises each year through regional and international markets, spending $600 million the program, which includes specially trained managers, engineers and technicians and a fleet of more than 320 self-contained equipment trailers and support vehicle. The events are designed to test, refine and strengthen AT&T s business continuity and disaster recovery services.

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