How to Stay Recession-Proof in Your Job

IT professionals arebound to feel the effects of the credit crisis sooner or later, whetheror not the U.S. economy experiences a recession.

CIOs may well be reluctant to cut jobs,but they are still going to have to work with their chief financialofficers to find places that expenses can be cut. However, cutbacksdon’t need to be a nuisance; they can also be an opportunity for anemployee to get themselves aligned with the projects that are currentlytheir organization’s top priorities.

In fact, IT professionals who get themselves on the right projectsbefore a recession?defined as two consecutive quarters of falling grossdomestic product??hits are likely to find themselves in a betterposition should one occur.

"The best thing you can do is find a way to get on cost-cuttingprojects, and be as central to helping your business survive aspossible," Forrester analyst Alex Cullen told eWEEK.

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