Baseline Issue July/August 2009


Keeping a Lid on Risk
In a world filled with risks, threats and potential compliance problems, there?s no way to build bulletproof business processes and ironclad IT systems. But since leaving businesses exposed to risks is not an option, a growing number of enterprises are taking a more strategic tack to security issues and are doing a better job of recognizing, categorizing and minimizing risks.


Outpacing the Competition
The Avis Budget Group believes that customer satisfaction and business success are built on a foundation of technology innovation.


Smart Selling
To improve customer service, optimize inventory and maximize profits, retailers and distributors turn to Web applications, point-of-sale technologies, and software that helps forecast sales and improve inventory levels. The benefits include increased sales, cost savings, higher profits and good inventory management.


Six Ways to Prepare for a Better Future
Smart IT executives are positioning their organizations to come out strong when the economy improves.

Unlocking Business Value from IT
The Innovation Value Institute has a road map designed to optimize the business value derived from IT investments.


Riding the Tech Wave
When Honolulu implemented 150 major systems, that created a host of new security challenges.


NCR Registers Gains Through Analytics
The desire to put data to work in new, innovative ways has led NCR down a path of predictive analytics.


Collaborating in the Clouds
Wikis, hosted CRM tools, and Web-based discussion forums and messaging products enable better cross-pollination of ideas and boost sales with improved customer support.


Creating an Effective Investment Portfolio
Taking an effective portfolio and program management approach can unite an organization?s efforts at every level.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
Fighting Back
Business needs to take a more aggressive approach to dealing with today?s clever and sophisticated cyber-criminals.