The Top Smart City Companies Leading Initiatives Globally

smart city companies

Technology has not only influenced workplaces and lifestyles. It has impacted cities, too, globally. They are getting smarter.

Smart city technology is catching up everywhere, and the initiative is driven by IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT is a colossal network with a large number of linked devices. The data from these devices are meticulously analyzed, and steps are taken to optimize outcomes across various sectors.

 IoT devices can measure and monitor air quality, traffic, and even crime patterns. Also, IoT helps urban areas with better waste management, systematic parking, smoother traffic light operations, and nearly every such area that impacts the common man in their day-to-day life.

The advent of IoT technology has given rise to smart city solution services. So, these organizations create innovative solutions that help in the better functioning of cities on several crucial parameters.


Locusview, a Chicago, Illinois-based company, created a Digital Construction Management platform to help in utility control. They work with telecom companies and energy enterprises with large construction projects by providing in-the-field solutions. They include fieldwork validations, system integrations, and sensor-based data collection.


A Santa Clara-based organization, Enlighted makes use of its analytics platform to help commercial buildings reduce energy costs and improve the comfort level of occupants. The platform creates data on employee movement. Likewise, buildings use the information to implement smart lighting, heating, and cooling services based on the demand generated.


FLASH specializes in creating unique parking infrastructures, which helps in doing away with the hassling and inefficient single-served parking systems. The company uses cloud-native technology that allows stakeholders, such as real estate agents and parking operators, to manage traffic congestion and put an end to the problem of lack of visibility and poor customer experiences.

FLASH also closely monitors supply and demand. The goal is to create safe and clean parking solutions as the cities develop further.


A reputed technology provider, Eliko focuses on high-quality solutions that help in delivering smart innovation. They provide products and services engineered to withstand the changing and evolving digital environment. They have perfected the technology of machine vision, signal processing, and indoor positioning. Having tied up for tech transfer and development with over 150 clients, Eliko has a hand in over 100 developmental projects across the US. They also help in developing digital technology in government and public offices.

Eliko is one of the key sources of industrial R&D for the IT and electronics industries. With its unrivaled ability to create creating competitive IoT products, Eliko helps in laying the foundations of a smart city.


A popular smart city company, Havr sets its sights high on the smart access sector. They leverage the power of Li-Fi technology to cater to the B2B sector. Unlike other companies in the security domain, Havr combines scalability with a smooth experience for end users. Their products are of value to all types of consumers.

Havr is focused on changing the existing systems, introducing advanced processes, and ensuring their easy adaptability. By enhancing routine security, Havr offers easy access to security systems that match the best in the world.


Woodoo is a service adept at combining technology and nature into smart systems as a smart city company. They specialize in creating sustainable cities even in the most challenging situations. So, to be more precise, Woodoo takes local lumber and converts it into high-resistance constituents.

The process works by replacement of lignin in the wood with recycled polymer to create a more sustainable end-product that is superior in every respect. The product is rugged, has a higher resistance to wear and tear, and doesn’t catch fire as easily as conventional wood. The product has a wide range of applications in the construction industry. It also has a high potential in the smart surfaces industry.

Urban SDK

Urban SDK is a next-generation planning system designed to assist smart cities in transforming transportation, sustainability, and safety operations. It provides real-time location analytics. The company’s connected mobility platform links public agencies and policymakers with the data needed to make better decisions.

The automation of IoT data collection and analysis helps streamline the manner in which customers visualize unique performance indicators.


UrbanLoqiq is a cloud-based software solution. It is designed for government agencies and helps them incorporate data to generate fast insights. UrbanLogiq has grown rapidly over the past few years to become one of the fastest= growing start-ups in the govtech domain.

The company serves public government services by providing them with cloud-based technology solutions. These can be used to create, manage and leverage insights from data more effectively and efficiently. The company commits to providing cutting-edge data science and software services for governments of all types and sizes.


The smart city concept is catching up with every urbanized city across the world. While the end goal is to improve the quality of life of citizens of these cities, every smart city has unique characteristics and features and hence requires a customized approach. A smart city company collaborates with leading services to introduce modern technologies and create a better place for the inhabitants of these cities.