Ten Co-Worker Types You Want to Avoid

Ten Co-Worker Types You Want to Avoid

Ten Co-Worker Types You Want to Avoid

Conspiracy Guy  He'll go on for hours about how we never landed on the moon, but will  become indignant when you express skepticism.

Many organizations promote their family-like office environment. That sounds really nice, but would you honestly want some of your relatives sitting in the next cubicle every day? Unfortunately, you can't pick your family or choose your co-workers. Acknowledging that, the crew at CareerBliss has come up with a list of all-time most annoying office colleagues. We think some of these folks will sound familiar to you. We're talking about the individual who monopolizes your time with endless excuses and complaints--or paranoia-fueled theories. Or the guy whose every phone conversation is a matter of public record, since he's incapable of speaking in anything but an ear-piercing volume. And let's not forget the hopeless slob whose desk resembles (and smells like) a landfill. We've selected the following 10 annoying work colleague types from the CareerBliss list, which was compiled by site contributor Natasha Rhodes. CareerBliss is an online company review and professional advice site. It also posts more than three million jobs, and offers updates on industry salaries and other trends.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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