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McDonald’s Wants It Their Way

Innovate wasn’t McDonald’s first attempt to capture operational data from its restaurants. Nearly 10 years earlier, in 1991, McDonald’s made its first foray into collecting

Outsmarting Outsourcers

When it comes to technology outsourcing deals, Kellwood Chief Information Officer Don Riley has seen just about everything. Kellwood, a St. Louis apparel and textile

CIO Takes Insourcing To The Bank

Austin Adams believes he can run an information technology organization more efficiently than any hired gun. “Experientially and philosophically, I am opposed to meaningful outsourcing,”

Eckerd Takes It To The Next Level

When Eckerd decided in 2001 to bring technology operations in-house, Chief Information Officer Ken Petersen bet his job that he and his staff could do

Online Extras: April 2003

Case Dissection (p. 42-60) Performance Test (p.46) Rating Airline Web Sites Southwest led the pack in this exclusive performance study, conducted for Baseline by Web-monitoring

War With Iraq May Alter Budgets

Brian Garavuso, chief technology officer for Interstate Hotels and Resorts, is mulling his own war plans. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and a weak economy

Online Extras: March 2003

Case Dissection (p. 42-63) Online Exclusive Scan-Based Trading Still A Work In ProgressScan-based trading (SBT) is not so much about coordinating data as it is