Samsung Enhances Audio Features, Unveils Live Translation Tool

"Audio Translation Tool"

Samsung is pushing the audio envelope with significant upgrades for its smartphones, tablets, and earbuds. Notable enhancements include Auracast support for enriched listening, the launch of 360-degree audio for a multi-dimensional sound experience, and a tool facilitating multilingual communication.

The Galaxy S24 series unveils Samsung’s new Live Translate feature. When used with the latest Galaxy Buds, it acts as a real-time translator for both phone calls and face-to-face conversations. The phone or earbud itself processes the translation, doing away with the need for a third-party app and making multilingual communication swift and straightforward. However, it’s worth noting that this feature requires a stable internet connection.

Though there may be minor delays and potential inaccuracies, Samsung’s automatic translation is poised to be an invaluable tool for global travellers. Beyond bridging language barriers, it may help foster an understanding of diverse cultures, improving worldwide communication despite any minor inconveniences.

Auracast, a unique Bluetooth feature previously exclusive to Samsung’s smart TVs, now extends to phones and tablets. This upgrade allows Galaxy Bud users to broadcast sound from mobile devices directly to multiple earbuds, enhancing user experience, connectivity, and sharing of favorite music, podcasts, or films.

In addition, Samsung has brought 360 Audio to owners of Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Buds2. This feature, usable when the buds are connected to select Samsung TVs, adapts the sound in real-time according to the user’s position. By mimicking the natural movement of audio in the surrounding environment, it creates a more dynamic viewing experience, similar to having a personal theater at home.

The Auto Switch feature, providing seamless transitioning from tablets, Galaxy Books, and TVs to phones during incoming calls, is also on the way for Galaxy Buds2 Pro users. These intriguing updates are all set to roll out by the end of February, enhancing the audio potential of Samsung’s devices and boosting the user experience to new heights.