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Saving Money and the Environment

By Mary Lou DeWynGaert When someone says parking garage, what?s the first image that comes tomind? Ten years ago, my response would have been something

Classic Computing Meets LEGOs

By Tim Moran There seems to be some odd connection between computing and LEGOs.Well, maybe it?s not that odd, really, since working with both of

IBM Takes Watson to the Bank

With health care as the first major vertical market IBM has taken its Watson question-answering technology to, Big Blue has now entered into an agreement

Building a Better Website

Developing and maintaining a user-friendly Website is nevereasy. But when that site?s content comes from a range of governmentsources?each with its own procedures and proprietary

Demystifying Innovation Myths

Touted as the ultimate ingredient for growth across allsectors of the enterprise, ?innovation? has become one of the hottesttechnology buzzwords. We are in the early

RFID Grows Up

For years, businesses have adopted RFID for niche applications and tasks, including inventory controls, supply chain management and retail security. However, legacy systems and infrastructure?along