Category: Innovation

RFID Grows Up

For years, businesses have adopted RFID for niche applications and tasks, including inventory controls, supply chain management and retail security. However, legacy systems and infrastructure?along

Home Automation Gets Real

The promise of home automation has beckoned for years. But while many companies have installed keyless entry devices, automated lighting and sophisticated climate control systems

Security Investments Remain Strong

Trend 8: Security Investments Remain Strong ?New technologies and new implementations of existingtechnologies, such as mobile devices, exploded,? says Seth Shestack, associatedirector of information security

Advanced Communications

Trend 4: Advanced Communications Entwined with the previous two trends is a growing interestin multiple communications mechanisms, including unified communications,collaboration and virtual meetings. At Volkswagen

Network and Wireless Build-Out

Trend 3:  Network and Wireless Build-Out It?s not hard to imagine what?s driving networkinginstallations, as all of us now access shared resources from more places

The Consumerization of IT Continues

Trend 9: The Consumerization of IT Continues Weaved throughout our trends is the ongoing influence andpressure being exerted by the expansion of consumer technology?social, mobileand

The Marketing Tech Revolution

Trend 2:  The Marketing Tech Revolution It?s a perennial complaint in the business world: We need toincrease marketing. But that sentiment is not usually connected