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VidyoConferencing: HP, Vidyo Team Up

Hewlett-Packard is partnering with video conferencing software maker Vidyo to expand the collaboration capabilities of its Halo telepresence products. HP will begin offering desktops and

SaaS Versus Hosted Apps

When evaluating software offerings from so-called cloud vendors, it?s critical to understand the architectural differences between hosted software and true software as a service (SaaS)

Serving Up SaaS

Andy Steggles, CIO of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, considers himself a convert to software as a service. It was a very different story

The Journey Toward Shared Services

If you have implemented a shared-services organization or contemplated doing so, you are not alone. Most companies have. If you’ve been less than ecstatic with

Is Your Head In The Clouds

Cloud computing is a fitting term for something shrouded in mystery and hard to grasp. Adding to the confusion is the plethora of buzzwords that