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Out of Touch, Out of Time

A glance at new devices and products entering the marketplace pretty much confirms that we’ve entered the George Jetson era. From UltraHD televisions to hubs

The Internet Is a Failure

Let’s be honest: It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate facts from fiction online. We’ve all heard about fake reviews, inflated social media numbers and blatantly

Turning Data Into Revenue

By John Lucker The concept that a company’s data might actually be worth something to someone else isn’t new. Many consider data to be a

TSA Pre-Check Takes Flight

One of the ironies of the digital age is that having a growing constellation of databases doesn’t always result in greater intelligence. That’s because databases

What Will Drones Deliver?

Amazon’s announcement that it plans to deliver packages via drones is both incredible and disturbing. On one hand, imagine receiving your new panini press or Duck Dynasty DVD set