Worker Confidence Is Soaring on Jobs, Economy

Worker Confidence Is Soaring on Jobs, Economy

Worker Confidence Is Soaring on Jobs, Economy

Soaring Spirits  The Employee Confidence Index score is 57, up from just under 54 in March.

It looks like a significant percentage of the workforce believes that the economic recovery is for real, according to the last survey numbers from Randstad US. The current Employee Confidence Index score is the highest seen since August 2007. Overall sentiments about the national economy and job availability are far higher than they were five years ago. And employers should know that a considerable number of professionals feel they'd be able to find a new job if they had to. For now, most have no plans to leave, but if the labor market gains more momentum, this could change. "We are continuing to see a renewed sense of optimism across the U.S. workforce," says Jim Link, managing director at Randstad US. "The data reveals employees are feeling an increased sense of security about their own jobs and the economy as a whole, despite relative global uncertainty. We encourage employers to take small steps to further bolster employees' outlook and loyalty to their company, such as recognizing exemplary work and enabling employees to acquire new skills." Several of the following findings also shed interesting perspective on differences in gender sentiment. More than 1,200 workers took part in the research, which was conducted by Harris Interactive. Randstad is an HR services/staffing company.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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