Ten Sites to Enhance Your Networking

Ten Sites to Enhance Your Networking

Ten Sites to Enhance Your Networking

1. MeetUp.com
This site features events for trivia enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, sports fans, etc., but it also hosts networking opportunities in 45,000 cities.

If you avoid professional networking events like the plague, you could be damaging your career. In fact, research shows that at least 60 percent of job offers are obtained through this face-to-face approach. Though online professional networking via sites such as LinkedIn is beneficial, it’s not enough. You also have to go to physical events and interact with people in your industry. But don't let this prospect alarm you. Like committing to going to a gym, the hardest part is getting started. So consider this top 10 list of sites as a great way to do just that. They're compiled by CareerBliss, a job information and advice hub. "Investing your time meeting and greeting will give you a bigger payoff than, say, submitting a zillion résumés into a virtual black hole," writes Ritika Trikha, who compiled the CareerBliss list. For more about the list and other networking resources on the site, click here.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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