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A look at our top requested stories, so you can see what your peers are reading.

I.T. managers and project leaders have a wide variety of reading interests, based on the top requested stories on our Web site so far this month. Many read about Wal-Mart's struggles with RFID, while others turned to our annual list of the best information managers. Cover stories on Google, MySpace and Toyota also garnered interest.

Wondering what your friends and competitors are reading? Check out our list and see if you've missed anything.

1. Wal-Mart's Faltering RFID Initiative
In 2003, Wal-Mart became the great hope of a new technology. But things haven't worked out exactly as planned.

2. The Baseline 500: The Best Information Managers
Getting a glimpse, through numbers, of who's using technology well.

3. Knowledge Management: 5 Big Companies That Got It Right
With U.S. companies spending $73B on knowledge management software, Baseline presents a look back at five companies that successfully deployed knowledge-management systems.

4. How Google Works
Google's information management approach, which often goes unnoticed, is both highly effective and efficient. And may be the way other organizations deploy technology in the future.

5. List Cites Top 25 Tech Consultants, But Is It Accurate?
Everybody likes to know where they come out on a list. The positions of Cisco and Bearing Point on this one raise some questions.

6. Inside MySpace
Most corporate Web sites will never have to bear more than a small fraction of the traffic MySpace handles, but anyone seeking to reach the mass market online can learn from its experience.

7. 50 Fastest Growing Software Companies
Our 2006 list is still getting attention. Check it out to see how last year's fast-risers made out.

8. What's Driving Toyota?
How business process management has helped boost the automaker to #1 in the world.

9. Fewer CIOs Are Reporting to CEOs, Survey Finds
More chief information officers work with COOs and CFOs-a big change from a year ago. 10. I.T.-Business Alignment: 10 Best Practices
At too many companies, technology managers aren't on the same wavelength with the top business executives. Here are 10 ideas for improving that dynamic.

This article was originally published on 2007-10-17
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