CA Reassures MDY Customers on Heels of Symantec, Stellent Pairing

When Symantec and Stellent announced Oct. 24 that they are teaming up to provide a records management agent for Symantec Enterprise Vault, one analyst commented that the move will be particularly welcome to customers that have integrations with MDY, a records management software developer.

“For customers using MDY [which was acquired by CA in June but had partnered with Symantec before CA’s buy], it became questionable about how long that partnership would last, since Symantec and CA are competitors,” said Forrester Research analyst Barry Murphy. “So, now [customers] can choose Stellent rather than worrying about a possibly disintegrating relationship.”

Following the news and analyst comments, CA, however, has reaffirmed its commitment to customers who use MDY software and services.

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“We’ve been supporting customers and upgrading customers, and all of that work is continuing fully. We have no intention of changing,” said Galina Datskovsky, senior vice president for development for CA’s storage management business unit and former CEO of MDY.

The company still works closely with Symantec, she noted, and updates its products whenever there is a new release of Symantec Enterprise Vault.

“After CA’s acquisition, there’s been no change to MDY’s excellent support and assistance,” said Janet Inverso, senior project manager at Unisys, which has been using the product for the past two years. “There’s nothing to lead me to believe that they won’t continue to do enhancements in the near future.”

CA now markets and supports the full suite of MDY products and services, which address nearly every aspect of records management. The company also plans to integrate MDY’s records management technology with CA Message Manager, so customers can more effectively control e-mail and digital documents.

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