Author: Sean Gallagher

The New Face of Surveillance

You’re a passenger in a car that gets pulled over for a traffic violation. The policeman looks at you suspiciously and asks your name. He

Sun Tries to Avoid a Nightmare

Called to task by their customers for childish squabbling, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft have agreed to play nice. Sort of. If you’ve heard Sun Microsystems

What Sin City Can Teach Tom Ridge

For decades, no city has attracted more dubious characters into its buildings than Las Vegas. The lure of quick scores has made Sin City the

Automated Security Management

What is it?A system that collects data from security- and systems-management tools, then automates the process of fixing holes or vulnerabilities in the security of

MS Duck and Cover

Just when you thought the Windows security picture couldn’t get any worse, Microsoft confirmed Friday that source code from its well-worn Windows NT 4.0 and